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When my son graduated from University a few years ago with his shiny new degree in Accounting, he was eager to land his first “real job.”  One that didn’t involve wearing a paper hat or asking if you’d like fries with that.

After a several interviews it became clear that he was lacking a key skill that most hiring managers were looking for:  exposure and/or experience with the commercial software the company was using for their accounting process.  It was shocking to learn that he had never been exposed to any of the commercial tools that are heavily used in the industry for which he was preparing to enter.  Although he graduated with a strong understanding of accounting principles, future employers expected that knowledge to be coupled with hands-on experience with their standard tools.

It is the same with engineering.  Employers want engineering graduates to have experience using the same engineering tools they themselves use.  Before joining CD-adapco, I spent many years as a recruiter for engineering consulting companies.  I was responsible for recruiting both in-house engineers and engineers for our customers.  Not once did a hiring manager specify they were looking for candidates with knowledge of engineering principles (that was a given if they possessed an engineering degree).  Typically the list of desired skills and attributes would begin with the engineering tools they would like the candidates to be experienced using. 

After seeing what my son went through trying to get his first job, I have become an advocate for the introduction of commercial software in academia.  I am fortunate that in my role as Global Academic Program Manager I can help drive the initiative to expose engineering students around the world to some of the most widely used simulation tools in industry.  With over 3,000 commercial companies using our products on a daily basis, it is important for new graduates to have the experience needed to join these prestigious companies.

The CD-adapco Global Academic Program is committed to preparing students for a successful engineering career by educating them in the most advanced simulation tool available, STAR-CCM+. Our "more than just licenses" philosophy is dedicated to ensuring students, professors and grads have access to the latest info, training & support to guarantee success in academia and beyond.

Our program starts with making commercial grade STAR-CCM+ available to every student around the world for use in the classroom or at home.  These licenses provide the very same capability and functionality as our commercial licenses.  We have developed several unique licensing packages based on your specific usage:

Each of these packages include:

Today’s future employer’s are looking for graduates who in addition to their classroom activity, have taken the initiative to broaden their knowledge and experience with commercial tools (such as STAR-CCM+), students who have been involved in real world engineering projects through co-op or internships, and/or those who have taken on leadership roles as part of a student design competition team for example.  Again, the CD-adapco Global Academic Program can help students get the experience they need. 

We regularly post job openings for co-op, intern and full-time positions at CD-adapco and at our commercial customers in our monthly STAR Academics Newsletter and on our Academic CFD Simulation Group on LinkedIn.  Through our program, we have a number of success stories.  Below are a few stories I’d like to share with you:

CD-adapco Academic Program Alumni Joins BAE Systems!

An Intern’s Journey from Academia to Industry

STAR-CCM+: On the Job and at School

I am happy to say that my son eventually landed his first “real job” in accounting and was recently promoted.  The path to success would have been much easier had he been exposed to the “tools of his trade” prior to leaving academia.  

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