Proud Sponsors of winning student competition teams around the world!
CD-adapco supports student competition teams by providing its commercial software and training at no cost! Join the growing number of teams optimizing their performance through CFD simulation with STAR-CCM+
  • Image of University of Illinois Formula SAE team, sponsored by CD-adapco. Please visit for more information
  • 80% of the top teams in the 2014 FSAE Michigan Competition used STAR-CCM+

CD-adapco proudly sponsors hundreds of student competition teams to include:

  • Formula SAE
  • Baja SAE
  • SAE Aero Design
  • Formula Student
  • AIAA Design-Build-Fly
  • Eco-Marathon
  • EcoCar
  • Human Powered Vehicle
  • Solar Car
  • and More! 

STAR-CCM+’s ability to easily mesh complex geometry, its single interface, and ease of use - coupled with free STAR-CCM+ training and customized workshops makes STAR-CCM+ the number one choice for student competition teams around the world.  Let us sponsor your team so you can take advantage of our:

  • Easy-to-use integrated package
  • Specialized workshops
  • Flexible license options
  • Free on-line training
  • Technical support

Team Packages Include:


McGill Racing Team Uses STAR-CCM+ to design MRT15

McGill used STAR-CCM+ to do the full design work on their MRT15 racing package, and found the results were very accurate to wind tunnel tests and actual racing conditions. 


CFD Simulation for Student Design Competition Teams

The CD-adapco Academic Team has recently made a brand new Linked In group for Student Design Competitions. This Group is dedicated to Student Design Competition Teams around the world who are interested in achieving engineering success through the use of CFD Simulation.  Learn how leading commercial companies and motorsport teams are applying CFD simulation to improve aerodynamic performance, calculate down force and drag, design optimization and more.  Join the growing number of teams optimizing their performance through CFD simulation with STAR-CCM+

Connect with the new Linked In group now!

CD-adapco recently visited the KORA (KOomin Racing) FSAE Team at Kookmin University in Seoul, Korea. Below are selected images from the visit.

Thank you very much to TUW Racing for allowing CD-adapco to display their student designed car at the SGC 2014 Conference in Vienna!


Click on images to enlarge.
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