Stores separation is a natural extension of Overset Mesh capacity, allowing rocket staging and missile launch and more
Separation of aerodynamic objects is a highly complex area of simulation due to the complexity of the objects, their interaction with each other and the dynamic response to flow conditions of such separating objects in motion.
  • Overset mesh simulation for store separation: the flow field and 6-Degree-of-Freedom motion of the store can be simulated by moving the grid attached to store while the background grid remains stationary, making the accurate simulation of relative motion between objects a straightforward task.
  • The overset mesh capability allows for a user to easily accommodate complex geometries without needing to worry about the details of cell activation/deactivation or interpolation. Depicted is a plane section showing the outline of an overset mesh on a missile from a Eurofighter.

In both military applications like missiles and space applications like stage separation on spacecraft, proper design and analysis of the trajectory of the separating object is crucial.

STAR-CCM+ offers the revolutionary Overset Mesh capability, which in conjunction with the rigid body motion model (DFBI) is well-suited and validated for separation analysis. The Dynamic Fluid Body Interaction (DFBI) is handled by a built-in 6-DOF solver with full implicit, fully parallelized coupling with the flow field.

Store separation

STAR-CCM+ has been validated against benchmark experimental data from the Eglin store separation case.

Stage separation

Separation of different stages from a spacecraft or a cruiser-booster combination can also be accurately analyzed using STAR-CCM+. The Overset/DFBI capability is well suited to cover these types of applications.


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