Aeroelastic studies are critical to ensure structural and lift requirements are met in flight
Aeroelasticity, the study of the interaction of the elastic, inertial and aerodynamic forces, is increasingly being tackled by numerical simulation in the design process as coupling techniques between flow, thermal & stress are becoming more sophisticated.
  • Flexible wing : Use of high fidelity computational aeroelasticity is critical to tomorrow's design challenges, driving innovation and resulting in engineering success. STAR-CCM+, with a direct link to Abaqus FEA for co-simulation, seamlessly integrates computational aeroelasticity into the design process.
  • Pressure distribution on airplane wing and body. (FSI)

From the bending of a tree’s branch in the wind to the flutter of an aircraft wing as it crossed the Atlantic, fluids and solids interact in harmony everywhere in the real world. However, in the virtual world of engineering simulation, the picture has rarely been quite so harmonious. Structural analysis and fluid dynamics, although intrinsically linked, have long been quite separate disciplines with the interaction between deforming structures and flowing fluids only being considered at a most basic level.

With STAR-CCM+, now fluid-structure-thermal calculations can be a regular part of the engineering design process. In close partnership with Simulia, STAR-CCM+ has a direct link to Abaqus FEA, delivering fully coupled, two-way, fluid-structure interaction. This co-simulation makes the typically difficult-to-tackle FSI problems easy to solve accurately in a practical, streamlined process. Problems such as aerodynamic flutter, fluid induced bending, vortex induced vibration and galloping can all be tackled easily by this feature.

In addition, STAR-CCM+ has built-in Dynamic Fluid Body Interaction (DFBI) capability to analyze the effects of fluid on a rigid body, in addition to a stress solver within the code. Loose coupling options are also available with other industry-leading FEA codes like Nastran & ANSYS.

Accuracy is of paramount importance in aeroelasticity, especially when there is data transfer between two codes on the fly and STAR-CCM+ co-simulation is constantly being validated against benchmark experimental data, the latest being the AIAA aeroelastic prediction workshop.

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