Advanced simulation tools for the design of better aircraft
The viability of aircraft programs depends on a manufacturers ability to cut costs and improve efficiency. In an industry beset by program delays, design problems and supply chain difficulties, reliance on advanced engineering simulation is increasingly becoming the only way of delivering aircraft programs on time, and on budget.
  • STAR-CCM+ is unrivaled in its ability to quickly and efficiently tackle complex geometries. Shown here are surface pressures on an Airbus A380 with flaps deployed and landing gear modeled. Streamlines visualize the flow pattern in the wake of the aircraft.
  • STAR-CCM+ is unrivaled in its ability to quickly and efficiently tackle complex geometries. Shown is an analysis with STAR-CCM+ displaying the complex flow patterns as a result of the accidental deployment of a thrust reverser on a business jet while in-flight.
  • The advancing layer mesher builds smooth, body-aligned prismatic cells from wall boundaries to a greater thickness – perfect for external aerodynamics analyses on complex configurations.

CD-adapco's simulation technology can also help you to meet the commercial challenge of designing lighter, more fuel efficient aircraft, while improving robustness, reliability and survivability.

Areas we offer solutions in range from, but are not limited to:

External aerodynamics

STAR-CCM+ is well suited to handle aerodynamic analysis across the full range of flight regimes and the easy-to-use, modern architecture of the code enables accurate prediction of lift, drag and pressure profiles - the core of aerodynamic analyses.

In addition, advanced physics models enable the use of aerodynamic loads to conduct aeroelastic and aeroacoustics calculations.

Tools like Optimate and Power-on-Demand licensing, in conjunction with STAR-CCM+, offer a streamlined automated process for aerodynamic optimization and alpha sweep calculations.

In addition, optimization of aerodynamics and drag reduce the amount of thrust needed to power the aircraft, creating tens of millions of dollars in fuel savings for companies.

Propulsion analysis and design

STAR-CCM+ is an industry leader in aircraft propulsion analysis, being able to accurately simulate the full combustion cycle of a jet engine. The integrated software provides a the tools needed for analysis, from CAD, to meshing, to post processing, for all combustion, turbomachinery, and transient effects simulations. Overset meshing allows a real time analysis of either jet engine or turbo prop engine simulation with full rotation. Another area where proplusion analysis comes into play is in fuel costs. With rising fuel prices globally, being able to cut 3-5% of an aircraft’s fuel usage could instantly save companies tens of millions of dollars.

Thermal management

STAR-CCM+ is well validated to perform the entire suite of thermal management problems. Every aircraft has hundreds, if not thousands of electronics components that require cooling, and that number is only going to continue to rise. In addition to this, more traditional thermal issues in aircraft revolve around heat management inside jet engines are easily solved.

Environmental control systems

STAR-CCM+ has been the industry leader for simulating, analyzing, and improving environmental control systems for a decade. While this application of STAR-CCM+ encompasses practically everything from building and farms to cars and trucks, the aircraft industry has a particular acute need to ensure proper environmental requirements are addressed. From, passenger airlines, with dozens to hundreds of people, to proper cockpit ventilation, to the ducting and recirculation, and ensuring proper flow, STAR-CCM+ is the tool of choice to handle all your environmental needs.

Ice protection

Icing on aircraft is possibly the greatest danger in flight outside of human control. STAR-CCM+ has many tools to help analyze, predict, and help rectify icing issues. Most codes use the Lagrangian Multiphase approach to determining the buildup of particles. Since V6, STAR-CCM+ has instead used its well validated Eulerian Multiphase approach, providing substantial time savings and higher accuracy. STAR-CCM+ has also been handling collection efficiency, thin film analysis, liquid film calculations and conjugate heat transfer longer than any other code on the market.

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