Easy,accurate simulation of fluid induced motion in six degrees of freedom
Dynamic Fluid-Body Interaction refers to the interaction between a body and the fluid flow surrounding it and the resulting body motion due to external and flow-induced forces.
  • The overset mesh capability allows for a user to easily accommodate complex geometries without needing to worry about the details of cell activation/deactivation or interpolation. Depicted is a plane section showing the outline of an overset mesh on a missile from a Eurofighter.
  • Hypersonic separation of a launch vehicle.
  • Overset Mesh on a Missile
  • Dynamic Fluid Body Interaction (DFBI) of a Missile.

The ability to simulate Dynamic Fluid-Body Interaction (DFBI) is a key capability in any simulation package that has benefits in a wide variety of applications and industries.

Unlike traditional simulations where the body is given a prescribed motion, the DFBI model enables engineers to easily simulate the fluid induced movement of a body, for everything from aircraft store separation to a tanker listing under heavy seas.

The driving force behind DFBI simulations in STAR-CCM+ is the Coupled 6-Degrees of Freedom (6-DOF) solver that computes the fluid forces and moments and gravitational forces on a body experiencing fluid-induced motion.

The 6-DOF solver can be used in conjunction with moving or overset mesh. It allows the computational domain to move in any of the six possible translational or rotational degrees of freedom, allowing the numerical simulation of rigid body motion in a fully-coupled manner with the flow solver. The solver also enables multi-body interactions through body-body linear and catenary couplings, in addition to prescription of external forces on the body. Some key application areas of coupled 6-DOF motion are:

  • Store/stage separation
  • Missile silo launch
  • Sea-keeping
  • Life boat launching
  • Free-falling objects in air/water
  • Floating bodies in water
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