• Airbus on Advanced Modeling and Simulation
    During this one hour event Martin Schmid from Airbus discusses how shorter development cycles are the key for competitive advantage in the aircraft industry. He will investigate how achieving this competitive advantage requires the analysis of system performance and reliability at an early stage to reduce the risk of late equipment changes with impact on the schedule. Specifically Martin addresses how quality computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is required...
  • Presented at the STAR European Conference 2010
  • Presented at the STAR European Conference 2011
  • Presented at the STAR Konferenz Deutschland 2009
  • This paper presents an approach to characterize the noise produced by an air vent of the Environmental Control System (ECS) for a regional transportation aircraft. The analyses have been conducted for different values of inlet mass flow rate on 2-D and 3-D models. Noise computations have been made in different points of control volume (Receivers) to better predict the volume distribution of sound pressure. The Ffwocs Williams – Hawkings model has been used...
  • Avionics cooling with STAR-CCM+® showing the aft avionics bay of a Hunter UAV with air supplied through the aircraft environmental control system.

Numerical Simulation is an enabling technology in Aerospace ECS, delivering aircraft with improved passenger comfort and optimized cooling of electronics and systems on board. STAR-CCM+ allows full-scale design optimization of ECS including system and interior designs, aircraft modifications,thermal management of engines, cabin/cockpit ventilation, contaminant transport, ducting and avionics cooling. Meet the certification requirements and keep your aircraft light while maximizing cabin comfort with simulation of individual sub-systems or of the entire system together.

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