A paradigm shift in simulating extreme motion, parts swapping and studying multiple designs
For the past 30 years, the ability of engineers to perform computational fluid dynamics simulations of the interaction between multiple moving objects has been severely curtailed by the need to generate an interconnected mesh between the objects.
  • The overset mesh capability allows for a user to easily accommodate complex geometries without needing to worry about the details of cell activation/deactivation or interpolation. Depicted is a plane section showing the outline of an overset mesh on a missile from a Eurofighter.
  • Overset mesh simulation for store separation: the flow field and 6-Degree-of-Freedom motion of the store can be simulated by moving the grid attached to store while the background grid remains stationary, making the accurate simulation of relative motion between objects a straightforward task.
  • Isosurface of Q-criterion colored by vorticity showing rotor wake from a ROBIN body. This simulation was generated using an overset mesh.

Not only did this requirement make the creation of "moving mesh" simulations an intensive manual process, it also often rendered it impossible in the case of objects with extreme ranges of motion or with very close interaction.

The term 'paradigm shift' may be overused, but the availability of Overset Mesh (sometimes called "overlapping" or "chimera" mesh) in STAR-CCM+ truly offers a new way of carrying out CAE, allowing the user to generate an individual mesh around each moving object which then can be moved at will over a background mesh.

The feature also allows regions to travel to, and beyond, the boundary of the domain, improving the flexibility of overset grids and allowing the simulation of very close moving bodies.

The Overset Mesh capability is fully compatible with the full range of unstructured meshing options in STAR-CCM+. With no need to worry about interconnecting meshes or cell distortion, this capability brings genuine moving object simulation within the grasp of all engineers.

In addition Overset Mesh can also be used for parametric studies, steady or unsteady simulations, providing an easy way to reposition or replace objects in order to study multiple design configurations.


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