Accurate, multidisciplinary simulations to meet tomorrow's design challenges
The Aerospace & Defense Industry is in the process of reinventing itself in response to global economic, political, social and environmental pressures. It is no secret that in order to remain competitive, companies must increase product performance, while simutaneously reducing both the time and cost to market.
  • Isosurface of Q-criterion colored by vorticity showing rotor wake from a ROBIN body. This simulation was generated using an overset mesh.
  • The Advancing Layer Mesher uses a pseudo-structured mesh approach to generate layered, primarily structured grids from wall boundaries beyond the boundary layer. This meshing approach is suitable for computations involving bow shocks as depicted in this simulation of the re-entry of the Crew Exploration Vehicle.
  • Overset mesh simulation for store separation: the flow field and 6-Degree-of-Freedom motion of the store can be simulated by moving the grid attached to store while the background grid remains stationary, making the accurate simulation of relative motion between objects a straightforward task.
  • Tip vortices from a Hunter UAV Propeller
    Image showing tip vortices from the propellers of a Hunter UAV and pressure contours on the body
  • The advancing layer mesher builds smooth, body-aligned prismatic cells from wall boundaries to a greater thickness – perfect for external aerodynamics analyses on complex configurations.
  • Avionics cooling with STAR-CCM+® showing the aft avionics bay of a Hunter UAV with air supplied through the aircraft environmental control system.

We understand this new reality, and know that in order to be competitive, numerical simulations are rapidly becoming more than just an advantage - they are  a necessity. No longer confined to analysis at the later stage of the development process, CFD can and should be applied as a tool from the very beginning of the design process.

This, of course, requires an accurate tool with ease of use, automation and seamless integration with other CAD and CAE tools.

CD-adapco has seen an 800% growth in the aerospace industry since 2008. STAR-CCM+ is widely used in the industry from large multinational corporations to smaller consultants to universities. We have been providing CAE tools, services, and expertise to the aerospace industry for over 30 years. We are committed to continually improving our current offering and to developing new capabilities for this exciting industry.

STAR-CCM+ advantages

ACCURACY: STAR-CCM+ has been extensively validated against experimental data for a variety of applications in the industry, including high-lift prediction, drag prediction, hypersonic, missiles, impinging jets, nozzles in crossflow, transonic shocks and supersonic drag rise.

EFFICIENCY: Cut weeks off your model turnaround turnaround time without compromising accuracy. STAR-CCM+ has the fastest and most robust surface wrapping tool in the market; state-of-the-art automatic volume meshing (including polyhedral and overset mesh) and scalable parallel solutions (including parallel meshing) to fully leverage your hardware.

FLEXIBILITY: From rotorcraft to re-entry….From ECS to UAV….From aeroacoustics to aeroelastics….From internal flow to icing…The ability to deal with flow conditions ranging from subsonic to hypersonic, allows STAR-CCM+ to solve a wide range of specialized problems in the aerospace industry, within a single integrated environment.

EXPERIENCE: As one of the world’s largest employers of CFD and CAE expertise, partnering with CD-adapco lets you tap into a collection of leading experts. Over 50% of our dedicated aerospace team is educated to PhD level, and with the vast majority having worked for major aerospace companies around the world, we speak your language.


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