Chemical Process
Leading edge 3D simulation of unit operations in chemical process industry
The Chemical Process Industry is an incredibly diverse industry increasingly relying on the use of CFD analysis.
  • Visualization of slurry in a mixer using Linear Integral Convolution technique
  • STAR-CCM+ offers an extensive range of validated physical models for multi-component multiphase analyses. Here, a Lagrangian simulation was performed on a gas / bubble lift separator.
  • Analysis of a Mixer
    Analysis of a Mixer

Chemical industry is entering an age of intense transformation due to the availability of high performance computing resources on one hand, and the availability of mathematical models describing physico-chemical phenomenon on the other hand. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is being deployed more frequently to answer the challenging questions left after the initial design phase of process simulation and flow sheeting. CFD can resolve the underlying physics and coupled chemistry in a more detailed manner in 3D space, elucidating the local effects of flow and heat transfer on mass transfer and chemical reactions.

CPI is not limited only to the production of commodity and speacialty chemicals but also covers the sectors like refining, pharmaceutical, glass, cement, steel, food and beverage, pulp & paper. CD-adapco offers solutions for these wide ranging industries under the banner of chemical process industry, especially with our flagship software, STAR-CCM+. STAR-CCM+ is the industry leader in CAE simulation and is able to simulate various unit operations in the chemical process industry. The wide range of physics models in STAR-CCM+ can assist in the design,optimization and troubleshooting of equipment and processes across the chemical industry.

Multiphase flows are ubiquitous in the Chemical industry. Flows with two or more phases and concomitant interphase mass exchange and heat transfer are encountered in bubble columns, stirred tank reactors, fluidized bed reactors and many other processing equipment. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation of multiphase flows is a challenging task. Appropriate choice of models and correct definition of boundary conditions and solver parameters are critical in arriving at reliable solutions.

STAR-CCM+ has advanced multiphase flow capabilities such as:

  • Lagrangian multiphase model (LMP)
  • Eulerian multiphase model (EMP)
  • Volume of Fluid (VOF)
  • Discrete Element Model (DEM)

STAR-CCM+’s offers a unique capability of carrying out Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) coupled with fluid flow. DEM allows a user to model each individual particle, taking in to account, its interaction with other particles as well the fluid surrounding it.

Reactions are at the heart of most chemical processes. They are inherently coupled with other transport phenomenon like fluid flow and mass & heat transfer. A good understanding of the reactive flow behavior and its coupling to the transport processes is essential in design of flow and batch reactors, burners, furnaces, flares etc.  Additionally, the detail chemistry modeling capability with DARS, a seamless plugin for STAR-CCM+, allows the user to incorporate finite-rate chemistry while keeping the computational time manageable.


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