Integrated and automated solutions for every aspect of automotive design
The driving force in the automotive industry is better, efficient designs with reduced time-to-market, to maintain profitability and competitiveness. An integrated design process utilizing simulation is the answer to these demands.
  • State-of-the-art underhood thermal management computations using STAR-CCM+ for verification of thermal reliability of the vehicle.
  • Airflow around a car showing total pressure coefficient in the cross planes, velocity colored streamlines and the computational mesh in the mid-plane

The Automotive sector is one of the largest drivers of manufacturing worldwide. The competition demands high quality products from manufacturers, and the customers demand fuel efficient, quiet, comfortable vehicles. In addition to all the requirements needed in Performance Vehicles, passenger cars require extra consideration for passenger comfort, fuel efficiency, and reliability, such as:

  • External Aerodynamics

Aerodynamic drag on a car is one of the largest components determining the fuel efficiency of the car. While some drag will always be present, a 5% reduction can have a major impact on fuel economy, helping passenger cars meet minimum fuel efficiency requirements set out by the United States and most European countries. STAR-CCM+ is the premier CFD simulation software, optimized to performing external aerodynamic analysis.

  • Paint dipping

By far the most efficient way to paint a million passenger cars in a year is dipping the entire car. Knowing how to dip cars quickly and with the least wasted paint per car saves tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours for companies. STAR-CCM+ has specialized, well validated examinations exploring the most efficient paint dipping methods used by industry leading car manufacturers.

  • Environmental systems

Most passengers traveling by car prefer to have a comfortable cabin to sit in. With STAR-CCM+ a quick, accurate examination of the HVAC and pumping system is easy and cheap to perform, saving valuable time from needing to test the prototype cabin’s environment or have unhappy customers.

  • Powertrain and combustion

STAR-CCM+ has a full combustion simulation package called DARS, in addition to standard Fluid flow packages, allowing the full simulation of the combustion cycle of an engine. In addition, STAR-CD and es-ice are the industry leaders in simulation of full engines, including faithful simulation of the moving parts, such as engine pistons, allowing for the complete simulation and analysis of a car engine. CD-adapco has all the tools you need to optimize engine performance while minimizing weight.

  • Thermal management

STAR-CCM+ is ideal for all Thermal analysis and management needs, able to take time sensitive thermal data from STAR-CD and es-ice to create a model for doing thermal management analysis. STAR-CCM+ is the industry leader in all CFD related simulations, and you can count on it to help improve and optimize your thermal flow quickly, efficiently, and easily.

  • Defogging/Deicing

Many passenger cars are driven in colder climates in which there is the inevitable fogging and icing on cars. For the safety of the passengers, the cars must be able to clear fog and ice quickly, effectively, and continually. STAR-CCM+ is well validated to examine all icing and fogging problems, and explore solutions quickly and easily.

  • Water/dirt management (flooding too)

Dirt and Water are very visible issues for most consumer vehicles. Mud and dirt are unslightly on cars,  while water can flood the engine, impair visibility, and leave spots. An incorrectly engineered car can have serious issues with both, but CD-adapco has many tools to help with this, most especially DEM (Discrete Element Modeling), which allows STAR-CCM+ to simulate individual particles such as dirt, mud, water, or even blades of grass with a high degree of accuracy.

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