A robust and accurate CHT capability for simulating the thermal behavior of any system
Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) refers to the simultaneous heat transfer in both a solid and a fluid where the conduction in the solid material and the convection in the fluid are analyzed simultaneously.
  • Underhood thermal management involves accurate prediction of front end cooling and component temperatures in the vehicle
  • Automotive Engine Thermal Management

The strong thermal interaction between the solid and fluid phases is crucial in understanding the thermal behavior of the system as a whole and is a key design aspect as materials get hotter and the system space gets smaller.

STAR-CCM+ offers a robust and accurate Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) capability for simulating such thermal behavior. In addition to conduction, convection and radiation models, the CHT capability of STAR-CCM+ offers the full suite of thermal solutions for any application in any industry.

The key factor in CHT problems is the interface at the fluid-solid and solid-solid interfaces and obtaining a conformal mesh at this interface for accurate analysis.

The automated meshing capability of STAR-CCM+ offers an easy CAD-to-Mesh route where surface imprinting at the interface and conformal mesh with one-to-one connectivity at the solid-fluid interface, the biggest bottlenecks in CHT analysis are handled automatically for complex geometries.

STAR-CCM+ can either obtain thermal solutions for both fluid and solid domains simultaneously or involve another application that solves for thermal solution in the solid. Some key areas of application of CHT analysis in STAR-CCM+ are in underhood thermal management, HVAC analysis, engine cooling, radiators, etc.

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