Design fuel-efficient, comfortable commercial vehicles with simulation
Perhaps the most used vehicles in the entire ground transportation industry are commercial vehicles, such as 18 wheelers, construction vehicles and lighter transport vehicles.
  • The velocity streamlines on a cross-section plane are showing the complex aerodynamics in the wake of the cab of a commercial truck.
  • External aerodynamics over a commercial truck showing flow streamlines colored by velocity magnitude

Because of the amount of time one of these vehicles spends on the road in a given day, even incremental improvements in costs per mile have a huge impact on cost savings. CD-adapco’s solutions for the ground transportation industry has its greatest effect on the design and operation of various commercial vehicles in such areas as:

  • External Aerodynamics

Aerodynamic drag on a semi-rig is one of the largest components determining the fuel efficiency of the car. While some drag will always be present, a 5% reduction can have a major impact on fuel economy, helping passenger cars meet minimum fuel efficiency requirements set out by the United States and most European countries. STAR-CCM+ is the premier CFD simulation software, optimized to performing external aerodynamic analysis.

  • Environmental systems

Drivers of long haul units such as 18 wheelers spend hours each day in the vehicle. Driver comfort  can have an enormous impact on operation, keeping the driver’s attention on the road. Companies that design well thought out environmental systems have an enormous advantage over those that don’t. With STAR-CCM+, a quick, accurate examination of the HVAC and pumping system is easy and cheap to perform, saving valuable time from needing to test the prototype cabin’s environment.

  • Defogging/Deicing

Semi-rigs are often driven in colder climates in which fogging and icing inevitably occurs. For the safety of the passengers and those around the truck, the truck cabins must be able to clear fog and ice quickly, effectively, and continually. STAR-CCM+ is well validated to examine all icing and fogging problems, and explore solutions quickly and easily.

  • Powertrain and combustion

A commercial vehicle necessarily uses its powertrain heavily. Not only does the engine need to produce the power to haul several tons of goods, but it has to do it in a fuel efficient manner while accumulating a very high mileage count. STAR-CCM+ has a full combustion simulation package called DARS, in addition to standard Fluid flow packages, allowing the full simulation of the combustion cycle of an engine. In addition, STAR-CD and es-ice are the industry leaders in simulation of full engines, including faithful simulation of the moving parts, such as engine pistons, allowing for the complete simulation and analysis of a car engine.

  • Thermal management

STAR-CCM+ is ideal for all Thermal analysis and management needs, able to take time sensitive thermal data from STAR-CD and es-ice to create a model for doing thermal management analysis. STAR-CCM+ is the industry leader in all CFD related simulations, and you can count on it to help improve and optimize your thermal flow quickly, efficiently, and easily.

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