Off road vehicles are designed for special needs instead of aerodynamic performance. CAE software helps to meet those needs.
The Off Highway sub-industry covers all agricultural vehicles, such as tractors and plows, along with off-roading vehicles, like ATVs and even snow mobiles.
  • STAR-CCM+ has a Discrete Element Modeling capability which allows for the simulation of individual particles such as dirt and mud. DEM is especially suited for design of bulk materials and process equipment such as mining trucks, making sure they operate as efficiently as possible.
  • Constuction machines can be virtually tested to optimize the cooling system performances and the underhood temperature distribution as shown on this New Holland grader thermal analysis.

STAR-CCM+ is equipped to deal with each of these vastly different vehicles’ requirements, such as those listed below:

  • Powertrain and combustion

As stated in the Performance Vehicle section, STAR-CD, DARS and en-ice are the premier tools for engine simulation and combustion analysis. Off Highway vehicles require vastly different engine specifications though, and have more of an emphasis on improving torque as well as efficient horsepower generation. CD-adapco has all the tools needed to quickly and efficiently optimize any engine needs.

  • Thermal management/cabin comfort

Most off-highway vehicles work in environments with high solar loads and in high heat areas. Cooling the cabin for operator is enormously important and doing so in an efficient manner helps save on fuel costs. Also, keeping the engine from overheating is critical to the operation of any off highway vehicle. STAR-CCM+ is well validated to perform all cabin comfort and engine thermal management simulations, from HVAC modeling to airflow and temperature measurements.

  • DEM modeling for Water/dirt management and harvesting

Most Off Highway vehicles are going to end up in the dirt and water. Mud can easily clog up engine components, dirt in the air can get sucked into the engine and interfere with engine combustion, water can flood the engine. All these are hazards that Off Highway vehicles must be able to tolerate. In addition, any harvester type of unit (tractor, lawn mower, snow blower, etc.) needs to be modeled to ensure most efficient operation and proper channeling of the harvester components. CD-adapco has many tools to help with this, most especially DEM (Discrete Element Modeling), which allows STAR-CCM+ to simulate individual particles such as dirt, mud, water, snow or even blades of grass or wheat.

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