Motorcycles have the same analysis needs as other ground vehicles, in a smaller and radically different package
Motorcycles are unique ground vehicles radically different in function.
  • Motorcylce and rider aerodynamics simulation with STAR-CCM+ : streamlines and surface pressures showing the aerodynamic penalty from having the rider exposed to the airflow.
  • Innovazione used STAR-CCM+ to perform an aerodynamic analysis of a sport touring motorcycle. Image courtesy of Roberto Di Francesco, Innovazione.

Yet, they require most of the same CFD and CAE requirements that the rest need as well. CD-adapco has a range of solutions for the design and analysis of motor cycles over a broad range of sub-categories, including but not limited to:

  • External Aerodynamics

Like all ground vehicles, external aerodynamics is critically important to motorcycle operations. While smaller than most vehicles, motorcycles have an uncontrolled variable adding a great amount of drag to the vehicle: the driver. A human body is not aerodynamically streamlined; worse yet, it also changes its profile as the person moves and shifts.

STAR-CCM+ is the premier CFD simulation software, optimized to performing external aerodynamic analysis. Its Design Experimentation add-on in Optimate+ can help designers simulate different body postures and positions expected by the driver.

  • Powertrain and combustion

While motorcycles have smaller engines than most ground vehicles, ensuring maximum power in the lightest and most compact package possible allows designers to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency. STAR-CCM+ has a full combustion simulation package called DARS, in addition to standard Fluid flow packages, allowing the full simulation of the combustion cycle of an engine. In addition, STAR-CD and es-ice are the industry leaders in simulation of full engines, including faithful simulation of the moving parts, such as engine pistons, allowing for the complete simulation and analysis of a car engine.

  • Thermal management

The condensed design of the motorcycle can cause extreme thermal issues within the system. An overheated engine can not only damage itself, but burn the driver, who has little protection from hot components of the engine. STAR-CCM+ is the industry leader in all CFD related simulations, and you can count on it to help improve and optimize your thermal flow quickly, efficiently, and easily.

  • Water/dirt management (flooding too)

Dirt and Water are very visible issues for most motorcycles. Mud and dirt are unsightly on them, while water can flood the engine, impair visibility, and leave spots. An incorrectly engineered motorcycle can have serious issues with both, but CD-adapco has many tools to help with this, most especially DEM (Discrete Element Modeling), which allows STAR-CCM+ to simulate individual particles such as dirt, mud, water, or even blades of grass with a high degree of accuracy.

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