A breakthrough solution for design exploration and optimization within CAE/CFD simulations
As CAE technology has matured over the years, numerical simulation is being integrated fully into the design process and the natural transition is for simulation to help in optimizing the design of the product early in the design stage.

Although there are several packages out there solely dedicated for optimization, there is a real advantage in having the optimization and design exploration as a part of the simulation software.

With this technology, there is a direct link from the CAD import stage to solution optimization, all within a single integrated package, resulting in a more efficient process.

CD-adapco has partnered with Red Cedar Technology to deliver Optimate, an add-on module for STAR-CCM+ that offers a breakthrough solution for design exploration and optimization with CAE/CFD simulations.

Optimate uses HEEDS from Red Cedar for all the post-processing work. Optimate comes with CD-adapco’s revolutionary Power token licensing, removing the constraining link between license and hardware and offering more flexibility to the user. Optimate is currently offered in two modes:

  • Optimization Mode (Optimate+):

Optimate+ is an add-on to Optimate that adds the capability to perform automated design optimization studies using the SHERPA algorithm from Red Cedar, providing the required efficiency for optimization with complex CFD simulation. Once the design variables, parameters and optimization goals are set, the process is fully automatic inside STAR-CCM+ without any need for scripting and allowing engineers to focus on the design aspects of the product.

  • Design Exploration Mode (Optimate):

In this mode, Optimate can be used for design exploration studies like aero loads database, compressor maps and test replications automatically by simply setting up an initial simulation and allowing Optimate to do the rest of the work. Optimate will automatically set-up and submit jobs for all designs in the exploration space and collect and organize simulation results

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