Racing cars are the ultimate expression of engineering perfection, with every minor tweak possibly meaning victory or a dangerous crash
Of all the areas where CFD is demanded in the Ground Transportation Industry, performance vehicles top the list.
  • The STAR-CCM+ overset mesh capability makes moving mesh computations easy as shown here with a NASCAR overtake simulation involving multiple vehicles.
  • Track Car Aerodynamics : Trimmed hexahedral surface and volume mesh with surface pressures and stream lines on a modified road car.

When considering a sports vehicle traveling at speeds easily passing the 100 mile per hour (160 KM/h) mark, every part of the car must be finely tuned and properly calibrated, from the aerodynamics to the engine and power train.

STAR-CCM+ can cover your every one of your needs for designing the next big sports car, especially in the following areas:

External Aerodynamics

Our CFD package makes it easy to quickly analyze the entire aerodynamic profile, including spoiler wings to help offset the car’s lift and aerodynamic calculations to reduce drag. Our tools can analyze and assist with optimization of the aerodynamics of a single part or the car as a whole, allowing designers to test variations and positions of each part and choose the most efficient one.

Engine simulation and combustion

STAR-CCM+ has a full combustion simulation package called DARS, in addition to standard Fluid flow packages, allowing the full simulation of the combustion cycle of an engine. In addition, STAR-CD and es-ice are the industry leaders in simulation of full engines, including faithful simulation of the moving parts, such as engine pistons, allowing for the complete simulation and analysis of a car engine. CD-adapco has all the tools you need to optimize engine performance while minimizing weight.

Thermal management

STAR-CCM+ is ideal for all Thermal analysis and management needs, able to take time sensitive thermal data from STAR-CD and es-ice to create a model for doing thermal management analysis. STAR-CCM+ is the industry leader in all CFD related simulations, and you can count on it to help improve and optimize your thermal flow quickly, efficiently, and easily.

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