Rail vehicles can use their power to haul massive amounts of cargo or take passengers at high speeds without limits posed by cars or planes
Despite being the oldest modern transportation device, rail transportation is still by far the most vital to economic life across the world.
  • STAR-CCM+ has an extensive range of visual analysis tools to help deliver insight from the results. Here for example, post-processing tools were used to help visualize the ground effect and the complex vortex flow around the body of a high speed TGV train.
  • Simulation of locomotive exhaust removal systems as trains wait at the station

Aircraft might travel faster, and cars might be more flexible, but neither of these are capable of the mass transportation needs that a robust economy requires.

From freight hauling across the United States to the most advanced bullet trains in Europe and Japan traveling over 200 miles per hour (320 km/h), STAR-CCM+ can handle all your simulation and design needs, such as:

  • External Aerodynamics

Though aircraft, or even cars are most associated with aerodynamic simulation, it is easy to argue that trains benefit greatly from optimization of drag. Even when considering a slow moving freight train with over one hundred cars, aerodynamic simulations can help, but by far the most important application within the Rail sub-industry is for new bullet trains across the world. With drag being a function of velocity squared, a 200 MPH train needs to be perfectly aerodynamically streamlined to be able to maintain that speed. STAR-CCM+ is well validated to perform all external aerodynamic simulations.

  • Diesel engines/exhaust

The massive diesel engines used to pull modern day trains are complex machines. Enormously powerful, they produce Megawatts of electricity to power every aspect of the train. STAR-CCM+ is proven in the design of such engines, from the complex pumps and pistons to fuel injection. It can even model the exhaust, allowing designers to better manage the train’s pollutants within stations where hundreds or thousands of people congregate.

  • Electric motors

The Electric Motors that drive modern trains require enormous power from the engine to turn all of the hundreds of wheels. Losses from the conversion process between the engine, through the converter, and to the wheels is a major concern for all parties involved in the train’s operation, and the most efficient process carries great benefits. CD-adapco provides all the solutions needed for the entire power train,

  • Aeroacoustics

Trains are loud. Anybody can attest to this fact. Modern advances in Aeroacoustics, lead by STAR-CCM+, can simulate the decibel level from trains as they pass by, whether they are slower freight trains or state of the art bullet trains. Optimate+ by CD-adapco and Red Cedar Technologies will automatically find the optimized design state, such as the lowest noise level, quickly and easily.

  • Pressure Dynamics

Trains have a unique environmental factor to consider, in that as they pass through tunnels, their pressure dynamics alter significantly. Such pressure changes can have adverse effects on moving rail cars. STAR-CCM+ is fully capable of simulation of such pressure dynamics, giving peace of mind.

  • Environmental systems

Not only does a rail car need to be fully analyzed on the outside, but the interior needs equal measure. Passengers need environmental control as does specialized cargo such as livestock, and refrigerated or special temperature goods. STAR-CCM+ is fully validated for all environmental control needs that may be encountered across the full range of imaginable applications.

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