Getting geometries ready for meshing in a fraction of the time traditionally required
STAR-CCM+ has a comprehensive suite of geometry creation and preparation tools that significantly reduce the number of man-hours required to ensure that your surface is ready for meshing for either a single part or a large assembly.
  • Underhood Wrapping
  • Surface wrapping of a Le-Mans Car
    Surface "painting" of the wrapping of a Metca Le-Mans Car

This process is robust and entirely automatic; whether run interactively or in batch, STAR-CCM+ features all the tools required to obtain a high-fidelity representation of the geometry.

The built-in 3D CAD tool allows for parametric geometry creation, import and modification as well as automatic fluid extraction. The surface wrapper "shrink-wraps" a high-quality triangulated surface onto the geometry, closing holes, joining disconnected and overlapping surfaces, as well as automatically discarding obsolete surfaces.

The STAR-CCM+ single integrated environment provides the fastest, most automatic route from complex CAD models to engineering solution. In addition, STAR-CCM+ gives the choice of using CAD and PLM-embedded front-ends to deliver the entire simulation workflow.

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