Offering simulation tools to ensure the thermal comfort of passengers in vehicle cabins
Ensuring the thermal comfort of passengers is a crucial concern for passenger vehicle cabins. Passenger comfort is influenced by many factors, including the performance of the HVAC system, exposure to solar and thermal radiation, the thermal conductivity of the materials used in the cabin and the humidity of the surrounding air.
  • STAR-CCM+ includes a human thermo-physiological model called Thermal Comfort Model (TCM) that accounts for thermal inertia, blood circulation, heat exchange,vapor exchange and body temperatures.
  • Thermal cabin modeling of car : cabin comfort can be addressed through virtual prototyping during the design stage of the product development cycle.

A reliable approximation of thermal comfort parameters requires accurate numerical representation of all of these physical phenomena.

This can be achieved by utilizing strongly coupled solution of radiation, conduction and thermal fluid dynamics.

The use of a Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) package reduces the design time of a cabin comfort system, as well as provides highly robust and validated analysis of the system, removing costly repeated prototyping and improving cabin comfort at the same time.

STAR-CCM+ is a fully integrated CAE software solution which imbeds modules for all aspects of Thermal Comfort Modeling.

In addition to the aspects above, STAR-CCM+ is the world’s premier Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation software, providing the fastest, most automatic CAD-to-post-processing package for all simulation needs, including TCM applications.

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