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One of the driving forces in the Ground Transporation Industry is the continuing demand for reduction in product and process development time and cost, to maintain profitability and competitiveness, while increasing product quality.
  • Airflow around a car showing total pressure coefficient in the cross planes, velocity colored streamlines and the computational mesh in the mid-plane
  • STAR-CCM+ has an extensive range of visual analysis tools to help deliver insight from the results. Here for example, post-processing tools were used to help visualize the ground effect and the complex vortex flow around the body of a high speed TGV train.

CD-adapco has been at the forefront of a revolution in computer-aided engineering in which CFD has become integrated into the Automotive design process, enabling development cycles to be shortened. With more than 30 years of experience, our solutions penetrate every part of the industry, from component suppliers to major OEMs, CD-adapco has a long established reputation as being the leading provider of CFD software and services, including all types of flow, thermal and stress simulation.

Numerical simulation has revolutionized the Automotive industry to the point where CAE is increasingly being used at every stage of the engineering process, and penetrating all levels of industry. Early design evaluations and “what-if” studies eliminate inefficient and unsafe approaches, and validate and optimize correct ones before committing to capital expenditure. Reduction in number of prototypes saves the cost of testing and additional redesign. The resulting benefits for the organization are reduced costs and faster time to market.

In addition to developing CFD codes (including the industry leading STAR-CD and STAR-CCM+), CD-adapco is involved in the development of software tools for: Combustion and Reaction Mechanisms (DARS); Electrical Motors and Machines (SPEED); and Batteries (Battery Design Studio).

Applications areas include:

  • Aerodynamics: steady, unsteady, overtaking maneuvers, aeroacoustics
  • Powertrain: ports, piston, combustion system, ventilation, oil circuit, intake manifold, ducts, EGR injection, cooling system, variable tumble system, exhaust manifold, catalyst, brake
  • In-Cylinder: intake port, intake manifold, combustion chamber, piston bowl, HCCI/CAI, emissions, cylinder to cylinder, injection, knock, spark plug, spray and liquid film
  • Cabin: Passenger comfort, HVAC, soiling, de-ice/de-fog
  • Underhood: flow structure, underbody temperature, radiator, fan


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