Improve manufacturing efficiency and test the manufacturing process virtually to find problems before prototyping
Compared to the traditional applications, the use of CFD/CAE in manufacturing started relatively late but has caught up quickly with the growing demands for increased use of simulation in the industry.
  • CD-adapco offers STAR-Cast, a tool specialized for casting. Shown here is a simulation of counter pressure casting process using STAR-Cast.
  • STAR-CCM+'s overset mesh technology was used to simulate and analyze the glass forming process. Here are shown the velocity contours along the center plane of the glass gob.

The success of simulation in the design process had created a need for further simulation in the manufacturing process industry.

The ever-shortening design process time demands that manufacturing process be designed more quickly and without the early prototype design parts which have been replaced by simulation.

In some applications, the need to reduce manufacturing costs has focused attention on scrap rates and potential savings from reducing them, an area where simulation can help.

CD-adapco products, STAR-CD and STAR-CCM+ are being used by industries around the world to tackle manufacturing processes like spray painting, drying, quenching and e-coating.

Our key technologies like Volume of Fluid (VOF), moving grids, overset grids, electrostatics, deposition, etc. are also well suited for simulation of dip and coat processes, including air bubble entrapment and liquid drain.

For casting, CD-adapco offers a specialized tool, STAR-Cast. STAR-Cast's capabilities include:

  • Gravity Sand Casting
  • Gravity Die Tilt Casting
  • Tilt Casting
  • Centrifugal Investment Casting
  • Counter-Pressure Casting
  • Low-Pressure Casting
  • High-Pressure Casting
  • Continuous Casting
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