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Simulation solutions to provide insight, mitigate risk and improve product performance
The Oil and Gas Industry sector is a critical foundation of the entire world economy. In order to meet the energy demands of a growing, global world economy, companies in the oil and gas industry must not only extract oil, natural gas, and other hydrocarbons on an efficient timescale, but also do so efficiently and safely.
  • When handling complex structures, STAR-CCM+'s surface wrapping capability enables the user to automatically, and quickly, create a solution domain for the flow around the imported solid body. Here, the surface wrapper was applied to an intricate oil rig geometry.
  • Analysis of a PIG

Accidents not only damage expensive equipment, but also cause injuries to workers and damage to the reputation of a company, all of which cost companies in both tangible and intangible ways. CD-adapco offers solutions to assist oil and gas companies across the entire range of areas that they might operate in.

The Oil and Gas Industry can be aptly divided into two categories. The first, upstream, covers the entire exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons from the earth. This can be further subdivided into several categories. Subsurface reservoirs, drilling, and downhole effects can have a great effect on retrieval.

Companies are increasingly simulating reservoir behavior, improving the recovery rate of hydrocarbons, enhancing operational procedures, equipment, reliability, and safety, all to optimize their operations. These changes all reduce the cost of retrieval for companies, as well as improve the health and safety of their works and protects the environment better. CD-adapco’s tools, can be applied to all hese optimization schemes, such as reservoir flow, well bore flow, and bore/reservoir interaction. In addition, they can be applied to fluid injection, drilling, and drill vessel safetly.

Another subcategory is subsea and flow assurance simulations. Companies are using STAR-CCM+ in a design and optimization method, improving equipment and system design, demonstrating the performance of equipment without building actual models and testing them, and analyzing the integrity of components and entire systems of equipment and pipelines. In addition, they are able to analyze and develop operational procedures, allowing them to proactively improve reliability and safety, instead of retroactively after a drilling accident, improving the quality of life of their workers and the environment, as well as saving them enormous amounts of money in costly cleanup and reparations for damages.

These methods can be applied to insulation design for flow assurance, erosion modeling, and analysis of both internal and external flow induced vibrations, among others.

CD-adapco offers many tools for handling these simulations, including quick meshing schemes such as the surface wrapper, quick pipeline work, fluid-structure interactions through Abaqus, flow assurance through STAR-Olga, and various tools in STAR-CCM+ for development, including Eularian and Lagrangian multiphase analysis, long pipe analysis and discrete element modeling, which helps analyze corrosion, pigging operations, and pipe cleaning and clearing.

STAR-CCM+ can also model complex rheology, as well as the various drilling and flow operations through the D’Arcy and Navier-Stokes equations.

The other major subcategory of upstream analysis revolves around structural, safely, and process simulations. Examples of this include analysis of risers and moorings for offshore oil platforms, marine hull analysis and optimization, and various safety and process modeling. These simulations ensure that equipment is able to do their jobs correctly, reducing work stoppages, safety accidents and, by extension, environmental damage. Applications include Wave modeling, Green-Water Loading, lifeboat design, and helideck operations. Also, CD-adapco provides tools that can be applied to ventilation analysis (both internal and external), dispersion and ingestion of gas and thermal loads, and combustion issues, such as fire, smoke, and flare combustion.

STAR-CCM+ uses a fully coupled solution driver and our surface wrapper tool to improve speed and quality of its results, as well as radiation and combustion models. STAR-CCM+ is even able to model subsea releases, explosions, and blasts which might result from mishaps, providing information quickly for emergency response, or even analyze possible failure points before such mishaps happen, saving time, money, the environment and, quite possibly, lives as well.

For a more complete list of all the ways STAR-CCM+ can be applied to marine applications, please see our Marine Industry page.

The other category that the Oil and Gas Industry can be divided into is the upstream section, namely refinement of hydrocarbons into the products that consumers use on an everyday basis. STAR-CCM+ is able to perform a wide variety of design, development, and upgrading of equipment, demonstrate the performance of refinement systems, analyze operational issues such as bottlenecks.

Applications inclule separation of fluids, solids management, erosion simulation, and heat transfer management. Not only does CD-adapco offer STAR-CCM+, the premier solution for refinement analysis, but we also offer our world class services and support sectors, allowing for expert outsourcing of analysis. Please see our Chemical Process Industry page for more information on refinery operations as well.

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