More than Just Licenses!
The CD-adapco Global Academic Program goes beyond just providing software licenses. We want to ensure our academic users have all the resources needed to be successful in academia and beyond. Whether you are new to our program and tools or are an experienced user, we have the resources you need for engineering success. (322 words)
  • To ensure academic users are utilizing STAR-CCM+ to its fullest extent, CD-adapco provides dedicated STAR-CCM+ Foundation Training at no charge to the academic community. No travel budget? No problem! Classes are delivered live over the Internet!
  • Thousands of academics in hundreds of academic institutions all around the world have implemented STAR-CCM+ into their undergrad, grad and post grad curriculum.

Whether you are using our code for your individual studies, classroom work, research project or to win a design competition, CD-adapco wants you to have access to the all the resources available to our academic community.  These resources include:

  • Training Classes
  • Classroom Curriculum
  • Technical Support Portal – Steve
  • Local Academic Program Manager Contact
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