Improved sporting performance through engineering simulation
In the grand theater of modern competitive Sports, the equipment is as crucial as the competitor. In this multi-billion dollar industry, the advent of cutting-edge engineering technologies has greatly impacted everything from equipments to clothing to playing fields.
  • STAR-CCM+ was used to perform the aerodynamic analysis of a Wilson soccer ball in order to better understand its side force effect. The image shows streamlines in the wake behind the soccer ball.
  • This STAR-CCM+ aerodynamic analysis of a Cervelo S5 bike allowed to visualize the pressure on the bike and the rider, as well as the behavior of the airflow in their wake.

Be it ball sports or racing, winter sports or swimming, the race to gain that extra second or extra inch that is the difference between winning and losing is constantly being played out in a different arena – on computers.

Simulation offers a cost-effective, time-saving alternative to traditional physical testing of equipments. In addition, the ability to accurately analyze different designs and their impact on performance is crucial in keeping up with the competition. At the highest level, the difference between athletes is often magnified by the use of better equipments.

At CD-adapco, we understand the value that simulation can bring to the multi-billion dollar Sports industry and our products and technologies can help maximize performance of your equipment, while enabling innovation that will keep you ahead of the competition in a profitable manner. CD-adapco products are currently being used in different sports, ranging from racing to cycling to soccer and many more. STAR-CCM+, our flagship code, has been well validated for a wide variety of applications and has consistently proven to be a game-changer in equipment design for manufacturers and competitors. With a single-integrated environment, STAR-CCM+ offers the tools to go from CAD to results in a streamlined manner, while offering technologies like Optimate and Automation to optimize your designs before any testing. STAR-CD is our offering for simulation of IC engines and is being used by more than half of the teams today on the F1 track for engine design.

 Some of the areas where CD-adapco products have made a difference in the Sports Industry are:

  • Racing – Aerodynamics and engine design
  • Cycling – Aerodynamics, helmet design
  • Soccer – Ball aerodynamics
  • American Football – Ball aerodynamics
  • Yacht racing & rowing – Hull design
  • Bobsled design
  • Stadium/Arena design  

The impact of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) in Sports can be understood by taking a glance at the Formula 1 or NASCAR racing standings, where very single team uses CAE to aid in the overall design of their racing cars. The use of CAE in Sports, long confined to motorsport racing & cycling, is now slowly expanding into different sports and CD-adapco is at the forefront of this technological revolution

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