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  • CD-adapcoで働いていると、もうすぐリリースされるSTAR-CCM+の刺激的な機能を解説したたくさんのクールなアニメーションを見ることができるという良いことが体験できます。新機能がリリースされるまでこれを皆さんと共有することができないのはフラストレーションが溜まります。今日、私自身何度も見返している、お気に入りの2つビデオをご覧頂くことに、私は非常にワクワクしています。



  • In this edition of Dynamics we explore Multi-Disciplinary Design Optimization (or MDX), a methodology that allows engineers to automatically test designs against ALL of the physics that might ultimately influence the products performance during its...


    2013年夏に、Red Cedar TechnologyとCD-adapcoは複合領域プロセス自動化と設計探査を拡大すべく、パートナーシップ結びました。私たちはエンジニアの皆様に、退屈なモデル設定やバリデーションに時間をかけるのではなく...

  • 私はキャリアのほとんどを無料のオープンソースCFDツールを利用する業界で過ごしてきました。そして数年前にSTAR-CCM+®を利用するようになってから初めて気づいた事がありました。無料のシミュレーションソフトウェアは大体、非常に高くつくのです。これは明らかに矛盾しているのは承知しています。マウスのクリック一つでコードをダウンロードして自由に利用し、1円も費やさずにコードを修正してそれを共有する。これが結局のところ一番安上がりなのです。しかし、そこには大きなコストが隠れていて...

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What is CFD?
Computational Fluid Dynamics is a methodology that allows engineers to predict the performance of their designs when exposed to fluid flow, either internal flow (such as the flow of air and gasoline through an engine manifold) or external flow (such as the aerodynamic flow past an automobile or the hydrodynamic flow past a boat). CFD software programs can simulate problems involving gases, liquids and solids and multi-phase problems that depend on the interaction of any number of the above. CFD is used in the design of almost every major product. Reducing uncertainty in the design process, and resulting in higher quality products and designs, with greater robustness that better meet customer requirements.
More than Flow!
Although most practical engineering problems involve fluid dynamics to some extent, finding the solution to real-world engineering challenges involves taking accurate account of a range of physical phenomena. For this reason CFD tools can account for wide range of associated physics, including heat transfer, chemical reaction, combustion, solid transport and acoustics. One important class of problems are those that involve FSI or Fluid Structure Interaction, where the fluid flow influences a physical structure - such as the bending of an airplane wing, or of a boat being slammed by waves. Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations can account for both the influence of the fluid on the structure, and of deformations in the structures shape on the fluid.
Simulate the System
Complex industrial problems require CFD solutions that span a multitude of physical phenomena, which often can only be solved using simulation techniques that cross several engineering disciplines. Engineers demand the ability to "see the big picture". Simulating whole systems with Computational Fluid Dynamics and not just individual components, taking account of all the factors that are likely to influence to performance of their product in its working life. In short, to simulate the performance of their design in the context that it will actually be used.
Multi-disciplinary Design Exploration
Although CFD is can usefully be applied to almost any engineering problem, it's real value comes from being able to improve a product or design through multiple design iterations, using engineering data from the simulation results to drive the design process. Ultimately this results in higher quality, robust products, that better fulfill customer expectations.
CD-adapco is pioneering an approach called "MDX" or "Multi-Disciplinary Design Exploration", in which sophisticated software is used to drive the simulation through a complete range of operating scenarios, including a range of geometrical configurations and different operating points. This approach can be used to gain a complete understanding of the performance of the product across the whole design space. When combined with HEEDS, CD-adapco's dedicated optimization software, the MDX approach can be used to calculate the best possible combination of design parameters to maximize the real-life performance of the product.
CD-adapco is the world's largest independent CFD focused provider of engineering simulation software, support and services. We have over 30 years of experience in delivering industrial strength engineering simulation. The scope of our activities extends well beyond software development to encompass a wide range of CAE engineering services in both CFD and FEA. We have over 8000 users of our software, working at 3000 different companies, spending over $181 million on our software and services. Consistently growing at an organic rate of over 15% per year, CD-adapco employs over 850 talented individuals, working at 30 offices around the globe, involved in dedicated support, software development and engineering services.