さまざまな種類の問題に対しての、STAR-CCM+をより速くするための努力として、STAR-CCM+ v9.04では同時パーツ毎メッシング(Concurrent Per-Part Meshing:以下、CCMPと呼びます)をご提供します。


Concurrent Per-Part Concurrent can't beat the gas mileage!

It all started in 1982 when Hans Tholstrup and Larry Perkins built a solar-powered car and drove it across the entire continent of Australia. Driven by the success of their vehicle, aptly named "Quiet Achiever", they encouraged others to push the limits of alternative energy vehicles. Five years later, the very first World Solar Challenge was born. Every other year since, teams from across the globe - prominent universities and private organizations alike - converge in Darwin, Australia to make the 3.000 km trek south to Adelaide in their solar-powered vehicles using regular ol' public roads and minimal camping gear for the seven-day journey.

Emilia III

これらのビデオはSTAR-CCM+ v9.04のDFBI(Dynamic Fluid Body Interaction)ソルバーの新しい接触モデルを説明しており、移動物体と壁面間の接触/衝突の直接のモデル化を可能としています。

私たちの多くは、STAR-CCM+のGUIの前で長時間過ごし(あるいは長時間のように感じてしまう)、そしてふと、「どうやったらもっと簡単にできるのかな?」と心に疑問が生じます。 なんだかんだ言っても結局のところエンジニアの私たちは、エレガントなソリューションを発見することをほぼ強制され、多大な時間を必要とするソフトウェアとのやりとりを削減するための機会に飛びつくことになるでしょう。 幸運にもSTAR-CCM+ v9.04には、あなたの人生をより容易にするために設計された、さまざまな範囲の時間節約機能が搭載されています。

Although researchers claim to have cracked the formula for a supersonic car (SSC) capable of reaching a record speed of 1000 mph (1600 kmph) and the ability to cope with the aerodynamic characteristics of travelling that fast, I am here to say… “Meh - been there, done that!”

Unfortunately, there has been some debate regarding the veracity of my 1000 mph VW Beetle. Therefore, I am widening the audience to ensure that proper analysis of the photographic evidence can ensue...

Transonic VW Beetle

If it was possible that anything could be 100% pure, drawing gas out of the ground could be a piece of cake. Gas, unadulterated by any other substance could travel easily through the pipes without damaging a bit of the structure designed for its capture. Unfortunately, this isn't how the world works.

All three states of matter are represented in the process of extracting natural gas from the earth - solids (sand) and liquid (water) come along for the ride. This wrecks havoc on the pipeline, especially at T-junctions and choke valves. Sand banging against flow obstructions causes erosion which ultimately leads to economic and production losses.
Wear placement simulation

It's become a bit of a cliche to say that our latest Conference is the "most successful ever", as these things tend to grow organically from year-to-year. However, having attended over 20 STAR Conferences (as both as customer and employee of CD-adapco), I can honestly say that SGC14 was different. Not only was it our biggest ever conference (with well over 500 participants from every corner of the globe), it also featured the most diverse collection of simulation success stories we've ever heard.

Speaking to the STAR Global Conference 2014, in Vienna, President Steve MacDonald reveals that CD-adapco is working to add a Finite Element solver to STAR-CCM+.

An intern joined our team recently. Fresh out of college, he was tasked with finding best practices for a particularly complex nozzle application. The internship was only to last a few months, but our new colleague was keen on showing the "real" world what he could do. With his new CFD toolset, he set-up the complete analysis with a full-blown-reacting-flow-on-the-real-geometry case - on day three... On day four, he was looking nervously at the screen wondering why his residuals continued to climb and the case did not converge.

I am pleased to announce the availability of STAR-CCM+ v9.02 on The Steve Portal!

My objective when we started to discuss the list of features and enhancements for the STAR-CCM+ v9 versions was ambitious. Clearly, adding realism to the simulations, enhancing workflows, increasing throughput and improve accuracy all at the same time was truly a challenge and I believe our development teams succeeded one more time in delivering it.


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