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  • China
    12月 18, 2014

    本次网络研讨会将展示CFD(计算流体动力学)如何被用于评估和改进设计,减少船体和附属部件的阻力,并最大程度利用推进系统产生的推力,从而降低船舶的能源要求。CD-adapco China诚邀您参会!

  • Online
    1月 15, 2015

    Electronics systems that operate in humid environments experience the inherent risk of condensation. For example, condensation can occur if a sealed system is assembled in a hot, humid region and then is stored or operated in a cold environment.

    Likewise, sub-ambient cooling (such as with cold plates or thermoelectric devices) can result in condensation when operated in a humid environment. Condensation projects the appearance of poor product quality, especially on transparent parts. Furthermore, water directly on the electronics can cause short-circuiting. 


  • china
    1月 20, 2015


  • Online
    1月 22, 2015

    Flow Assurance, Subsea Systems and Engineering are integral parts of deepwater oil and gas exploration and production. Harsh environments combined with high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) wells present significant engineering challenges. Today’s lower oil prices are putting pressure on R&D budgets, pushing companies to reduce product and solution development costs, without compromising quality or safety.

    Leading engineering companies address these challenges through the use of engineering simulation technology. This educational webinar will provide a background on the benefits of engineering simulation to gain deeper...

  • Online
    1月 29, 2015

    Overset Mesh technology (or Chimera Mesh, if you prefer) has been around for decades but has primarily stayed in a small, niche aerodynamics community. Although powerful in their own right, overset mesh tools to date have been purpose-built for specific applications and, let’s face it, a bit tricky to use.

    A few years ago, CD-adapco set about solving how to bring the benefits of Overset Mesh to the mainstream engineer. The result is truly a quantum leap in capability, with a streamlined and intuitive process, more automation and robustness and an unprecedented breadth of compatible physics.

    In this webinar, we will introduce the Overset Mesh capability in STAR-CCM+® and what differentiates it from...

  • Online
    2月 3, 2015

    Various processes in the life cycle of coal such as mining, pre-treatment, combustion and flue gas aftertreatment can be simulated with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to explore and discover better designs, faster. This webcast will focus on specific ways by which CFD simulations can help increase the efficiency, reliability and longevity of coal-fired power plant systems while decreasing emissions. 

    Case studies and application examples pertaining to simulating coal-combustion in burners, including a comparison to experimental results from a well-known International Flame Research Foundation (IFRF) case will be provided.

    Multiple factors – burner feed design (i.e., injectors and swirlers),...