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    6月 28, 2016

    Safely combusting hydrogen (H2) in gas turbines, while still providing sufficient energy density, could help meet ever-increasing energy demands by making use of an economically attractive fuel supply. For instance, some of the electricity intermittently produced by some renewable energy sources such as wind and solar could be used to produce hydrogen, which is then used to power gas turbines (GT) to help meet peak energy demands, especially at times when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining.

    In this webinar, you will hear from guest presenter Anis Haj Ayed from B&B-AGEMA in Aachen, Germany, who is a subject-matter expert in the use of CFD for leading-edge GT combustion simulations.  Anis will share the success...

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    6月 30, 2016

    Vehicle water wading capabilities refer to vehicle functional part integrity, (engine under-tray, bumper cover, plastic sill cover, etc.) when travelling through water. Wade testing involves vehicles being driven through different depths of water at various speeds. The test is repeated and under-body functional parts are inspected afterwards for damage/leakage.

    The lack of computer aided engineering (CAE) capability for wading equates to late detection of failure modes, which inevitably leads to expensive design change. Critically, this can potentially affect program timing.

    As a result, it is of paramount importance to have a suitably robust CAE capability in this area.

    Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software is used to model a vehicle traveling through water...

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    7月 6, 2016

    CD-adapco China将于2016年7月6日举行“工艺过程的设计开发— 最优化解决方案”网络研讨会,诚邀您注册参加!