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    4月 24, 2014

    With major progress in simulation methods for product development, the need for expensive test hardware has been significantly reduced. The cost of expensive test hardware makes their availability limited, requiring additional development and application of manufacturing simulation methods for virtual testing purposes.

    Manufacturing simulation results communicated to the product design team will help ensure that manufacturing quality and cost requirements are met.

    Simulations can provide...

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    4月 29, 2014

    If you are involved in the design and safety of offshore or onshore facilities (LNG, FLNG, drilling and production platforms, refineries), CD-adapco™ is holding an educational webinar for you.

    Safety is of paramount importance to both designers and operators of onshore and offshore facilities. As part of a risk-based approach, CFD is routinely used to predictively understand the consequences of any hydrocarbon leak and possibly its subsequent explosion and/or fire, to guide the design decisions.  

    Atkins’ Ian Cowan will present how they help...

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    5月 6, 2014

    The proliferation of hybrid systems into the world of ground transportation continues at a pace that even the world of Formula 1 is not immune to with this season’s premier category of racing including significant rule changes to include hybrid drivetrains. With so much change to the accepted architecture of powertrains across all forms of transport, engineers are looking to simulation methods to provide rapid answers to their design challenges.

    It could be argued that such a rethink is a perfect opportunity for simulation engineering to further mature as a key design tool. Indeed, as the role...

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    5月 20, 2014

    With nearly 80% of worldwide energy requirements being met by fossil fuels, combustion remains a key player in both the transportation and energy sectors. Consequently, gas turbine combustors are an integral part of combustion research and development.

    STAR-CCM+® provides an ideal platform for the analysis and design of gas turbine combustors.

    Whether it is the prediction of gas turbine performance under various operating conditions, the optimization of combustor design for performance efficiency or to minimize emissions, scalable and cost-effective simulations of the complex physics occurring within these combustors can reduce development time while...

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    5月 22, 2014

    One of the greatest challenges of engineering analysis is being able to understand how changes in geometry and flow features might influence your system’s performance. For a long time, the only way to gain insight into the sensitivity of engineering objectives to changes in input was to run multiple analyses and then analyze the results.

    The introduction of the adjoint solver in STAR-CCM+ changes that paradigm, allowing for direct access to sensitivity information from a single simulation. This webinar will provide an introduction to the adjoint solver, the background of the adjoint technique,...