• Sikorsky Aircraft used STAR-CCM+ anhd Optimate Perameter Scans to predict the drag of rotor hubs of the S-g2A and UH-60A helicopters, comparing simulation results with experimental data. Dynamics 34 - Read More....
  • Increase Productivity by Closing the Gap Between CAD and Analysis with Automated Workflows
    Dealing with the consequences of imperfect CAD has long been one of the biggest bottlenecks in CFD. Furthermore, reducing the costly process of manual CAD clean-up ensures an engineer's valuable time is instead spent gaining insight into product behavior and performance. This webcast demonstrates how to: Use a fully parametric 3D-feature based modeler to easily create and modify your own geometries Use automatic bi-directional geometry updates between CAD...
  • Getting the Most out of Your Mesh: Modern Meshing Methods and Core Capabilities
    What do rockets have in common with heart pumps? For that matter, what does a water slide share with a nuclear reactor? When a company designs these products, simulation is the key to outpacing the competition. In order to have an accurate simulation, you first have to build the right mesh. Lying under every simulation is a mesh that forms the foundation of the model. Presenters use STAR-CCM+ ® to demonstrate how you can simulate a broad range of physical...

This process is robust and entirely automatic; whether run interactively or in batch, STAR-CCM+ features all the tools required to obtain a high-fidelity representation of the geometry.

The built-in 3D CAD tool allows for parametric geometry creation, import and modification as well as automatic fluid extraction.

The surface wrapper "shrink-wraps" a high-quality triangulated surface onto the geometry, closing holes, joining disconnected and overlapping surfaces, as well as automatically discarding obsolete surfaces.

The STAR-CCM+ single integrated environment provides the fastest, most automatic route from complex CAD models to engineering solution.

In addition, STAR-CCM+ gives the choice of using CAD and PLM-embedded front-ends to deliver the entire simulation workflow.

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