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Are you still undecided on an engineering job after graduation? Could you use a resume review, interview tips, and guidance from hiring managers in your industry? If so, this career workshop is for you. Executives from PACCAR, Boeing, Daimler, Pacific Northwest National Labs, and CD-adapco will discuss what they look for in new graduate hires. Get real-world advice on the skill sets, training, interview scenarios, and resume content hiring managers expect for positions involving advanced engineering simulations.
Cylindrical DEM Particles in an Auger
Cylindrical DEM Particles in an Auger
CD-adapco invites you to a one-day workshop that will provide you the opportunity to learn how engineering simulation and design space exploration technology benefits many aspects of oil and gas exploration, production and processing. The oil sands industry will be the specific focus of this event.
In der chemischen- und pharmazeutischen Verfahrenstechnik kann eine unzureichende Vermischung zu enormen finanziellen Einbußen führen. Um die in diesem Kontext zahlreichen technischen Herausforderungen, welche durch analytische oder experimentelle Methoden nicht oder nur unter sehr großem Aufwand gelöst werden können, effizient zu meistern, findet die CFD-Simulation (Computational Fluid Dynamics) - insbesondere in den Konstruktions- und Scale-up-Phasen der Prozessentwicklung - Anwendung. Eine typische Hürde bei der Durchführung derartiger Simulationen ist für Ingenieure der erhebliche...
The pharmaceutical and chemical process industries face many challenges, such as the rising costs of raw material and the need to develop processes and innovative products that meet safety regulation and performance demands. Fermentation is a widely used biotechnology to produce bio-products such as alcohols, pharmaceutical compounds, alternative fuels or feedstocks for the chemical and other industries. The process itself is driven by microorganisms which are highly sensitive to the conditions in the reactor, like temperature, pH-value, oxygen and substrate concentration or shear rate. As...
STAR-CCM+の3D-CADを利用したモデリングに興味をお持ちのエンジニアの方に最適です。 機能紹介、デモ、ハンズオントレーニングから構成され、様々な3D-CADの機 能を紹介いたし ます。 パラメトリック スタディ、不足CAD形状の作成、既存CAD の修正などを効率的に行う為 の方法について解説いたします。
 電子機器の設計・開発に従事されている方をはじめ、熱流体解析に 取り組まれている方などを対象に、「電子機器におけるプリン ト基板の 熱流体モデリング手法」をテーマとしたウェビナーを 開催いたします。  本ウェビナーでは、電子機器の熱流体解析におけるプリント基板のモデル化 についてご説明いたします。
A Better Understanding of Particulate Flows and Fluid Flows
Coupling Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) is a powerful combination to investigate the effects of particulate flows and fluid flows. This webcast highlights how these technologies have been applied to shorten product process development cycles and reduce energy requirements. Presenters demonstrate using a Rotary Kiln within the context of the DEM-CFD model. They will explore how optimizing these existing processes results in the efficient design of new products. For large-scale chemical products, it can also mean less waste, as well as a reduction in the...
With STAR-CCM+ v11.02, you can now combine two or more materials when simulating extrusions, enabling the analysis of more complex products targeted to very specific applications. For example, multi-luminal medical tubing has very narrow tolerances and needs to meet the highest quality standards. Consequently, it’s critical to understand how design changes to the die profile or variations in feedstock properties can impact end product quality.
엔지니어링 시뮬레이션은 연비, 조정성능 소음과 같은 다양한 외부 공기역학 응용분야들에 영향을 줍니다. 빠듯한 일정, 한정된 자원, 경쟁 시장과 같은 환경하에서, 엔지니어들은 가능한 한 빠르고 효과적으로 정확한 결과를 얻는 것이 필요합니다. 본 온라인 세미나에서는 항공 우주 응용 분야들에서 다양한 공기 역학 조건들을 모델링하는 모범 사례들을 보여드릴 예정입니다. 참석자분들은 이와 같은 시뮬레이션 문제에 가장 적합한 물리 모델, 수치 기법, 난류 모델, 격자 전략 및 최적화 기술이 무었인가를 아시게 될 것입니다. 이 정보들을 바탕으로 여러분들은 항공우주 공기역학 해석에서 정확성, 강건성 및 처리량을 향상시킬 수 있습니다.