Academic Webcast: Modeling Multiphase Flows using STAR-CCM+
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木曜日, 1月 17, 2013

The event discusses the differences between the two categories of flow: stratified flows (e.g. free surface flows) and dispersed flows (e.g. bubbly, droplet and particle flows).

Guest Lecturer, Simon Lo discusses the big differences in flow characteristics between these different types of multiphase flows and therefore the different modeling approaches that are required. 

STAR-CCM+ will be used to demonstrate a wide range of multiphase flow models including: 

  • Lagrangian multiphase model (LMP)
  • Discrete Element Model (DEM)
  • Eulerian multiphase model (EMP)
  • Volume of Fluid (VOF) 

In this lecture, a selection of interesting examples is presented to demonstrate the application of these multiphase flow models and realistic approaches to solving real-world problems.

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化学プロセスChemical Process - Technology
海洋Marine - Application
Tammy De Boer
Simon Lo
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