Aerospace Propulsion: Advancing Simulation using STAR-CCM+
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木曜日, 6月 20, 2013

This is an exciting time for aerospace propulsion, with recent breakthrough concepts in both air-breathing engines and rocket motors. Turning these innovative ideas into marketable products requires advances not only in concepts and materials, but also in engineering simulation. This knowledge will help you to achieve your goals for efficiency and safety while keeping development costs manageable.

This webcast event explores capabilities for solving modern design and analysis challenges relevant to aerospace propulsion using STAR-CCM+. Experts from CD-adapco demonstrate techniques and outline the benefits of performing simulations with STAR-CCM+ for both air-breathing engines and rocket motors.

Chad Custer, Ph.D., Turbomachinery Technical Specialist, discusses common challenges associated with three sub-systems of the gas turbine engine: compressors, mid-frames and turbines. Topics of focus include unsteady analyses with harmonic balance, meshing technologies, conjugate heat transfer and film cooling.

Niveditha Krishnamoorthy, Ph.D., Senior Application Engineer, discusses the modeling of combustion in propulsion systems. The suite of combustion models available in STAR-CCM+ is highlighted, followed by examples of modeling propulsion applications such as gas turbines, scramjet engines and rocket combustors. Key solver features that enable the modeling of these multi-scale, multi-physics, turbulent reacting flows are also discussed along with some best practices guidelines.

This webcast concludes with a live demonstration showing unique meshing capabilities that quickly produce high quality grids. The entire process from CAD to solution is executed within a single software platform.

航空宇宙および防衛Aerospace - Application推進力
航空宇宙および防衛Aerospace - Application空気力学
航空宇宙および防衛Aerospace - Sub-Industry航空機
航空宇宙および防衛Aerospace - Technology圧縮性流れ
航空宇宙および防衛Aerospace - Technology燃焼
Deryl Snyder
Chad Custer
Niveditha Krishnamoorthy
Michael Elmore
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