Airbus on Advanced Modeling and Simulation
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木曜日, 5月 6, 2010

During this one hour event Martin Schmid from Airbus discusses how shorter development cycles are the key for competitive advantage in the aircraft industry. He will investigate how achieving this competitive advantage requires the analysis of system performance and reliability at an early stage to reduce the risk of late equipment changes with impact on the schedule. Specifically Martin addresses how quality computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is required with validated models to meet the criteria.

Examples and demonstrations in this event focus on environmental control systems, and how simulation can be used to not only reduce turn around time but produce more accurate and reliable results. Presenters show examples of how integrate fluid dynamics and heat transfer simulation technology coupled with the ease of automated meshing of complex geometry is allowing engineers to investigate solutions that have not been possible in the past.

航空宇宙および防衛Aerospace - ApplicationECS
航空宇宙および防衛Aerospace - Application推進力
航空宇宙および防衛Aerospace - Application空気力学
航空宇宙および防衛Aerospace - Sub-Industry航空機
航空宇宙および防衛Aerospace - Sub-Industry防衛
航空宇宙および防衛Aerospace - Technology圧縮性流れ
航空宇宙および防衛Aerospace - Technology最適化
航空宇宙および防衛Aerospace - Technology燃焼
David Vaughn
Martin Schmid
Deborah Eppel (nee Saban)
Speaker Company: 
Airbus Operations GmbH