• CAEシミュレーションソフトウェアの世界最大級の独立系プロバイダーである米国CD-adapco®(本社:米国ニューヨーク州メルビル)は、DARS (ダース)v2.12のリリースをご案内します。DARSは化学反応の管理や分析のための0次元および1次元のシミュレーションツールです。本リリースでは、幅広い動作条件の下で燃料の混合を新たに探査する際のスループットを高めることに焦点を当てています。DARS v2.12で生成された燃料ライブラリは、その後STAR-CD® や STAR-CCM+®で実行される燃焼解析に使用することができます。
  • DARS is a simulation tool for the 0D and 1D management and analysis of chemical reactions. The new v2.12 release focuses on boosting throughput when exploring new fuel blends under a wide range of operating conditions. The fuel libraries generated with DARS v2.12 can then be used to source combustion analysis carried out with STAR-CD® and STAR-CCM+®.
  • Industrial flames contain 1,000s of species interacting through 10,000s of reactions. Resolving the flame using a detailed CFD grid with full chemistry and including proper turbulence-chemistry interaction is extremely CPU intensive. DARS makes it possible to pre-tabulate the chemistry to enable efficient simulations.
  • DARS Basic is GUI-driven and provides a library generation functionality which facilitates analysis of fuel compositions, accurate prediction of knock and emissions for dual fuel engines, exploration of combustion of any fuel or oxidant mixtures and exploration of soot yield for new fuels and new operating conditions.
  • DARS is a comprehensive toolkit integrated with STAR-CCM+ for the management and analysis of complex chemical reactions. It makes our customers more competitive in the market by enabling analyses of combustion of new fuels and in new operating ranges at a significantly reduced cost.



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