Being able to plot solution quality metrics while your simulation is running, that is, live-processing as opposed to post-processing, is one of the most distinctive functional aspects of STAR-CCM+. This lets you critically interrogate your results and make changes on-the-fly, thereby increasing your productivity. There are many very capable 3rd party plotting tools available. However working with them requires exporting and importing data, adding several steps to your workflow and making it difficult to automate. Still, there’s an argument to be made that plotted results need to be legible and, to a degree, customizable. With this release, we have targeted visual plot quality as an area for improvement.

residence time on several axial cross sections for flow in a simple curved tube

When we initially consider the analysis of unsteady phenomena in turbomachinery, aeroelasticity and aeroacoustics, we’re quickly confronted by the simulation cost – transient analyses by their very nature will simply take longer to run compared to steady ones. And for these types of problems, where the simulation objectives (understanding of flutter and limit cycle oscillations for example) demand a time-dependent treatment, the time steps need to be small and the physical time required can be long. Not that this isn’t challenging enough, usually, the entire machine needs to be modeled at a high level of spatial fidelity, thereby driving up the size and cost of the analysis even further. But, all is not lost– enter the Harmonic Balance method, first introduced with STAR-CCM+ 4.04 in 2009, capable of delivering at least a 10-fold reduction in your time to a solution. And, that’s not the only benefit to be had with this approach – it’s possible to mesh just a single blade passage through all the blade rows in your machine and obtain a solution which varies from blade-to-blade, capturing critical blade row interactions.

Harmonic Balance post-processing

많은 사람들이 STAR-CCM+ 인터페이스 앞에서 긴 시간을 보낸 후 자연스럽게 다음과 같은 질문을 떠오르게 합니다. “더 쉽게 할 수 있는 방법이 있을까?” 결국, 엔지니어들은 명쾌한 해결책을 찾게 되었고 소프트웨어 작업에 소비되는 시간을 줄이기 위한 기회로 뛰어들게 되었습니다. 운 좋게도 STAR-CCM+ v9.04 는 작업을 더 쉽게 하기 위해 만들어진 새로운 시간 절약 기능에 대한 다양한 기능들이 포함되어 있습니다.

STAR-CCM+ colormap editor

Volume rendering, a well-known scientific visualization method, is being introduced with our latest version of STAR-CCM+! (v9.02)

Spray Nozzle showing a Volume Render of the Droplet Volume Fraction
A Spray Nozzle showing a Volume Render of the Droplet Volume Fraction

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