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    9월 7, 2016

    CD-adapco China诚邀您参加网络研讨会:船体水动力性能优化的又一重要事件。


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    9월 13, 2016

    For power generation machinery involving three-dimensional, asymmetric hot fluid flows (such as gas turbines, steam turbines, turbochargers, heat exchangers, boilers, furnaces, etc.), Finite Element Analysis (FEA) will be required to assess whether those machines will be as durable as desired or instead prone to problems from thermal stress and fatigue.  But why not use CHT with CFD to provide your FEA engineers with the most accurate metal temperatures possible, as inputs to their thermal stress calculations?  This is especially applicable when the fluid temperature in the machinery varies significantly over time.

    When it comes to doing thermal calculations for metal components, each of the traditional approaches has its own challenges & limitations:

    • Approach #
    • ...
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    9월 20, 2016

    From an aircraft wing flexing in flight, a ship propeller deforming in rough seas, or a tank stressed by sloshing liquid, fluids and structures are in concert all around us in the physical world.

    And although Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) plays an important role in how structures behave in the real world, within the engineering simulation world, these two disciplines are largely still treated independently.

    However, new FSI technology is finally helping to bridge the gap between fluids and structures in many leading companies. Engineers can now tackle FSI problems using an integrated approach, without sacrificing accuracy or efficiency to produce better designs faster.

    This webinar will demonstrate how FSI problems can now be set up and solved within a single...

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    9월 28, 2016

    This webinar will show the latest advancements in the integration of simulation and PLM technologies to help you Design Better Medical Devices, Faster. Presenters will highlight tools that are available to help improve not only your design process, but specifically benchtop tests and in vitro and in vivo tests. This online event will also address how to better document and track your work and to accelerate the clinical trial approval process.

    Guest Speaker Jim Thompson of Siemens PLM will address the positioning of CD-adapco’s simulation solutions as one of the modeling and simulation suites for “Systems + Model based Engineering” of Medical Devices.

    Leading technologies like STL geometry preparation, overset mesh, mesh morphing and FSI will be discussed to help attendees...