Think small with STAR-CCM+
The development of microfluidic devices for the Life Sciences Industry has a promising future ahead and research and development for novel concepts are on the rise. Numerical simulations can help pinpoint the key requirements for successful implementation through prototyping and optimization.
  • The Eulerian multiphase model in STAR-CCM+ provides an effective means for simulation two-phase and multi-phase flows and offers an extensive range of sub-models include drag, virtual mass, surface tension, breakup and coalescence models for bubbles.
  • CFD Methods in the Biomedical Device and Diagnostics Industry
    Biomedical device design is facing increasing product complexity while prototype building and testing can take months. The inherent risk in new medical product development can be mitigated through a deeper understanding of the design properties and functions achieved through modeling and simulation. This webcast covers and addresses the benefits of engineering simulation. Experts discuss modeling capabilities for the design of various devices from...

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