Discrete Element Modeling in STAR-CCM+ opens the door for accurate simulation of particulate flows.
From tablet manufacturing processes to dry powder inhaler designs, applications involving particle interactions dominate the Life Sciences Industry and the discrete element modeling (DEM) capability in STAR-CCM+ is particularly well-suited to perform simulations of particulate flows.
  • DEM simulates the motion of a large number of interacting particles and tracks them in a numerically efficient manner, modeling contact forces and energy transfer due to collision and heat transfer between particles. Shown is a DEM simulation for a fluidized bed.
  • Spray gun analysis for tablet coating showing complex phenomena including droplet break-up and coalescence. The multiphase simulation was performed by Manesty.
  • Tablet coating in a rotating drum : STAR-CCM+ was used to improve inter-particle coating uniformity by using optimal spraying equipment settings

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