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 Designing Under-Body Components Using Leading Wading Simulation Methods
Vehicle water wading capabilities refer to vehicle functional part integrity (engine under-tray, bumper cover, plastic sill cover, etc.) when traveling through water. Wade testing involves vehicles being driven through different depths of water at various speeds. The test is repeated and under-body functional parts are inspected afterwards for damage/leakage. The lack of computer aided engineering (CAE) capability for wading equates to late detection of failure modes, which inevitably leads to expensive design change. Critically, this can potentially affect program timing. As a result, it is...
2016年6月13日-15日,由CD-adapco China举办的“STAR 2016中国用户大会”在杭州隆重召开。
Design Exploration with CFD for Better Dry Low NOx Hydrogen Gas Turbine Combustors
Safely combusting hydrogen (H 2 ) in gas turbines, while still providing sufficient energy density, could help meet ever-increasing energy demands by making use of an economically attractive fuel supply. For instance, some of the electricity intermittently produced by some renewable energy sources such as wind and solar could be used to produce hydrogen, which is then used to power gas turbines (GT) to help meet peak energy demands, especially at times when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining. By viewing this webcast, you will hear from guest presenter Anis Haj Ayed from B&B-...
CD-adapco China将于2016年7月13日举行“虚拟炼油厂:下游(炼油和石化)操作计算流体动力学(CFD)简介”网络研讨会,诚邀您注册参加! 在线注册,免费参加!
Custom Sim Trees in STAR-CCM+ v11.04 are a fundamentally new way to work with the sim tree, allowing users to create smaller node trees in a separate window for less scrolling and easier navigation overall.
STAR-CCM+ v11.04, now part of the Siemens Simcenter™ Portfolio, is aimed at empowering engineers across industries to make critical design decisions quickly and with confidence through new modeling capabilities, improved simulation workflows and reductions in overall time-to-solution.
The automotive industry is one of the most thriving and competitive industries. There are many challenges OEM’s face when produce new vehicle today. Those challenges include meeting stricter emission regulations to need for improved customer satisfaction. This drives the need to bring vehicles faster to market while meeting new challenging designs. OEM’s are turning to simulation to help drive design to produce innovative vehicles while reducing costs. One challenge of working with the digital prototype is determine heat protection for critical components in the engine compartment. To solve...
CD-adapco products are now part of the new Simcenter™ Porfolio for predictive engineering analytics. The Simcenter™ portfolio combines simulation and physical testing with design exploration and data analytics to help customers develop digital twins that accurately predict product performance through all stages of the development process. This enables companies to evolve their engineering processes from being verification centric to being more predictive and deliver innovation for complex products faster and with greater confidence.
CD-adapco China将于2016年7月6日举行“ DEM模型在化工行业的应用”网络研讨会,诚邀您注册参加! 在线注册,免费参加!
Driving Battery Innovation with CAE
There is an ever-increasing demand for higher energy and power density battery cells, without compromising on weight, size, aging and safety of the battery pack. This makes the design of batteries a highly complex, multi-parameter challenge. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) accelerates the battery design process at both the cell and pack level, helping you achieve your safety and performance goals while at the same time reducing your development costs. Viewers of this webcast learn how CAE can be used to design better cells by optimizing the current...