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Reactors are integral in the chemical, fermentation and polymer industries as they execute the chemical conversion of raw materials into value-added product. The highly coupled physical and chemical processes (fluid flow, reaction chemistry, heat transfer, material property change) undergoing inside makes them necessarily complex. Design and scale-up of reactors requires a careful and planned approach. Often, empirical approaches need supplementary information with 3D-resolved simulations using CFD to sufficiently understand behavior to arrive at an optimum design. As an example, the...
CFD 初心者や、基礎的な理論知識を習得したい方々向けに各種保存方程式や数値スキームといった基礎やCFD のワークフローをわかりやすく説明いたします。
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and particle modeling with Discrete Element Method (DEM) have been identified as key enabling technologies in finding solutions to many of the challenges that surround scale-up; capable of reducing operating costs across manufacturing and quality divisions. Please join us for this workshop as we explore the benefits of applying CFD in the chemical process, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.
We will discuss how STAR-CCM+ ® Computational Fluid Dynamics software can be used to help in the design of energy efficient buildings. Some areas include fire and smoke modeling, cleanroom studies, wind dispersion, thermal comfort, solar loading, pedestrian comfort and other building-related analyses. Each discipline carries with it numerous opportunities to simultaneously improve energy efficiency and human safety.
A CD-adapco tem o prazer de anunciar o Workshop: Simulação na indústria de petróleo e gás. Se você precisa resolver desafios relacionados a escoamento de fluidos, transferência de calor e massa e quer saber se CFD pode auxiliar ou já possui uma ferramenta de CFD e está curioso sobre os últimos desenvolvimentos tecnológicos, a CD-adapco está preparando este workshop para você.
Engineering simulation impacts a wide range of external aerodynamic applications such as fuel economy, maneuverability and noise. With demanding schedules, shrinking resources and a competitive market, engineers need to obtain accurate results as quickly and efficiently as possible. This online event will present best-practice techniques to model a range of aerodynamic conditions for aerospace applications. Attendees will learn which physics models, numerical schemes, turbulence models, meshing strategies, and optimization techniques are best-suited for this class of simulation problem. With...
株式会社CD-adapcoは、統合エンジニアリングシミュレーションツール「STAR-CCM+」をはじめとした米国CD-adapco社の全製品について、2015年3月1日より日本国内への直接販売を行うこととなりましたので、ここにご案内申し上げます。 これまでCD-adapco社の各製品については、国内の代理店を通じた販売も行われておりましたが、この度、下記の全製品をCD-adapco社100%子会社である弊社が直接販売する体制へ切り替わります。これにより、CD-adapco社のグローバルレベルの開発技術やサポートを、弊社を通じて日本のお客様へ直接ご提供することが可能となります。 これを機に、ソフトウェア開発からアフターサービスに至るまでの品質向上をお約束し、顧客価値最大化の実現に向け、従来にも増して従業員一同より一層の努力をしてまいる所存ですので、今後も倍旧のご愛顧を賜りますようよろしくお願いいたします。 - 弊社主要直販製品(2015年3月1日現在) STAR-CCM+  (統合エンジニアリングシミュレーションツール) STAR-CD (ICエンジン解析統合ツール) es-ice (ICエンジン解析ツール) STAR-CCM+ Battery Simulation Module (バッテリー熱対策解析アドオンモジュール) STAR-Cast (金属キャスティング解析ツール)...