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The design of a long endurance electric UAV is presented. The mission requirements are derived from civilian surveillance applications, such as forest, coast or border patrol. As such, long endurance is desired, which is tackled by a careful lightweight airframe design and an electric propulsion system assisted with solar cell arrays. The main steps of the design are covered, including numerical simulations, as well as construction, component and systems testing and flight testing. The feasibility of a green, low cost, small footprint UAV is demonstrated.
Joby Aviation One promising solution in the search for a quiet, efficient VTOL aircraft configuration employs two-blade rotors which lock into a fixed position during horizontal flight, becoming lifting surfaces. The design of these blades and their integration onto an airframe pose many challenges, including performing this blade repositioning with a mechanism that is adequately simple, reliable, lightweight, and aerodynamic; determining a blade geometry that strikes the right compromise between performance as a rotor blade and as a wingtip; and providing sufficient pitch and yaw control in...
CFD를 기반으로 하는 CAE 소프트웨어 공급자인 CD-adapco는 사이클리스트 설계에 시뮬레이션을 능숙하게 사용한 CFD 컨설팅 회사 Aerotherm 의 Wian van der Merwe씨를 CAE 후 처리 공모전의 우승자로 발표하였습니다.
DARS is a simulation tool for the 0D and 1D management and analysis of chemical reactions. It makes our customers more competitive in the market by enabling analyses of combustion of new fuels and in new operating ranges at a significantly reduced cost. DARS v2.12 is devoted to enhancing the productivity of our customers, to accelerate their design decision process and to remove all obstacles for innovating
Every electronics assembly includes at least one printed circuit board (PCB) whose primary purpose is to provide electrical connections among chips and connectors. PCBs range in size from a few millimeters across and a fraction of a millimeter thick (such as in a smart watch), to hundreds of millimeters across and several millimeters thick. Printed circuit boards include electrically and thermally conductive layers, often made of copper, sandwiched between thicker dielectric layers which are minimally conductive. Because of their physical size, presence of layers of copper traces, and...
CFD를 기반으로 하는 CAE 소프트웨어 공급자인 CD-adapco가 오늘 0차 및 1차원 화학 반응 관리 및 해석을 위한 시뮬레이션 솔루션인 DARS v2.12 출시 하였습니다. 이번 버전은 넓은 작동 조건 하에서 새로운 연료 혼합을 연구할 때 해석 처리량을 높이는데 중점을 두었습니다. DARS v2.12 에서 생성되는 연료 라이브러리들은 STAR-CD® 와 STAR-CCM+®.에서 실행되는 연소 해석의 Source로 사용할 수 있습니다.
DARS is a simulation tool for the 0D and 1D management and analysis of chemical reactions. The new v2.12 release focuses on boosting throughput when exploring new fuel blends under a wide range of operating conditions. The fuel libraries generated with DARS v2.12 can then be used to source combustion analysis carried out with STAR-CD® and STAR-CCM+®.
設計最適化の新しいご提案  ~HEEDS/Optimate+を使ったコンピュータとエンジニアのコラボレーション探査~
設計 最適 化 が 設計 ・ 開発 の 現場で活用され始めてしばらくが経ちますが、「最 適 化 をするとエンジニアが考えなくなる」、「 アルゴリズムなんて信用できな い」、「エンジニア の 知見・経験を活かせない」と思い、 最適 化 の 導入に二 の 足を踏んでいる方もまだまだたくさんおられるかと思います。 今まで の 最適 化 ツールでは「 全てを探査アルゴリズムにゆだねざるを得ない」 という形でしたが、CD- adapcoが提供する 設計 探査ツールHEEDS、 Optimate+に は「デザインインジェクション」 という画期的な機能を搭載しており、コンピ ュータとエンジニア の お互い の 良いところを融合して効率良くデザ インを探査 する「コラボレーション探査」を行っていただけます。 コラボレーション探査 の 有用性について、 ユーザー様 の 事例紹介と製品 の デモ を通じて、本 ウェビナー で ご 紹介させていただきます。 HEEDS、Optimate+ が新しく切り開く新しい 設計 探査 の 可能性をぜひ本ウェビ ナーで ご 体感ください。 【受講対象】  ・ アルゴリズムが信じられないと思い 設計 最適 化 を敬遠されてきた方 、   技術伝承・技術者 の 育成に課題を・感じていらっしゃる方  ・これから 設計 最適 化 に取り組まれる ご 予定 の 方など
Noise and vibration performance is becoming increasingly important in the design of many products. The noise generated by rotating machines (such as fans, propellers, turbochargers and electric motors), exterior flows (over automobiles, aircraft and launch vehicles) and the transmission of flow-induced noise and vibration through ducts (such as refrigerant lines, mufflers, pipelines, ECS and HVAC systems) can be a nuisance for engineers and customers alike. This online event will investigate why it is no longer sufficient to design a product that meets flow and thermal targets without also...
CD-adapco公司很高兴的宣布,STAR-CCM+ v10.06版本已于2015年10月28日正式向全球用户发布。该版本最大的特色是增加了对一个新的工程学科计算——流变学的模拟功能,这样使得我们将多学科设计探索(MDX)这一CAE行业创新的使命又向前迈进了一步,帮助用户更快更好的寻找更优设计。 为此,CD-adapco公司将于2015年11月25日面向中国用户举办新功能介绍网络研讨会,会上将介绍该版本的主要功能及特色,欢迎在线注册参加。