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Computational Engineering International (CEI) develops EnSight and EnSight CFD,  the cutting-edge visualization and post-processing software for engineering and scientific simulation data. Users of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) will find significant benefits when including EnSight or EnSight CFD in their simulation process, such as dynamic and interactive streamlines, keyframe animations, dynamic section cuts, multiple variable displays in a single window, multiple viewports (windows) interactively updated, flow feature extractions, and many others. "We can read in everything from CFD into EnSight, and even extract certain data not otherwise available,” says Francisco Campos, a consultant and CFD engineer for Icon CFD. “The impact of droplets on the surface, statistical quantities, droplet size and volumes – all of this can be brought into EnSight for high-end visualization.  If you have not yet adopted EnSight, you might be interested in EnSight CFD, which even has a free version, see www.ensightcfd.com and www.ensight.com  CEI is based in Apex, NC with offices in Detroit, Houston, Shanghai, and Munich.  CEI was founded in 1994 as a spin-off of Cray Research.

Contact Information:
Darin McKinnis
VP Sales and Marketing
+1 919-363-0883