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With its headquarters in Belgium, branches worldwide, and a staff of 1000 and growing, Materialise has been playing an active role in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM) since 1990. In addition to having the largest capacity of AM equipment in Europe, Materialise also enjoys a stellar reputation as a provider of innovative software solutions. Based on its acquired expertise in biomedical engineering software solutions, Materialise is the perfect partner for those who are involved in cutting-edge, innovative biomedical R&D. The company has the largest development team in the sector, ensuring its Mimics Innovation Suite is constantly improving. Our Mimics Innovation Suite is powering new innovations in biomedical research, helping others make discoveries that save lives. Furthermore, we are taking patient-specific healthcare to new heights. Our work with researchers and surgeons and the improved medical solutions being created with our software are getting people back on their feet, and putting smiles back on patient’s faces.