CFD Methods in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Continuous Manufacturing for the API Process
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목요일, 11월 15, 2012

The pharmaceutical industry is facing enormous challenges to satisfy the regulatory constraints, flexible market demands, operational complexities and economical limitations. Because of globalization, the patent life of newly discovered drugs has also been decreased considerably, forcing the manufacturer to minimize the drug development time as well as maximize the throughput. To achieve this, continuous manufacturing processes have evolved as an efficient and promising alternative.

Viewing this webcast you will learn more on how the integration of CFD methods for continuous processes can shorten product-process development cycles, optimize existing processes, reduce energy requirements and lead to the efficient design of new products. 

This webcast specifically covers setting up DEM (Discrete Element Model), granular and eulerian multiphase problems using advanced engineering simulation software, STAR-CCM+. Aspects like geometry creation, problems setup and model selection are addressed in the context of several pharmaceutical application scenarios like tablet coating and mixing.

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Kristian Debus
Oleh Banan
Rohit Ramachandran
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