Modeling Internal Combustion Engine In-Cylinder Processes
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월요일, 1월 23, 2012

Addressing IC Engine performance using the latest modeling techniques.

There are many tough challenges facing manufacturers of IC Engines to reconcile legislative and market demands and up-front simulation has now become integrated into the product design process in most vehicle and engine companies throughout the world.

This webcast highlights some of the latest developments in numerical simulation of in-cylinder flow, fuel spray mixing and combustion that are becoming available to engine analysts. Examples illustrate new methods for accurately simulating fuel injection and sprays and how real fuels and fuel chemistry can be modeled within the framework of proven engine combustion models, including increasingly important dual-fuel combustion systems.

Attendees get an overall understanding of how to generate models with their engine geometries, set up simple simulations, perform analyses and post process results.

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Mubeen Irshad
Richard Johns
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