Structural Mechanics
Whether static or dynamic assessments are your company's need, CD-adapco has the tools and the expertise to provide you with reliable simulation results for design assessments.
  • When handling complex structures, STAR-CCM+'s surface wrapping capability enables the user to automatically, and quickly, create a solution domain for the flow around the imported solid body. Here, the surface wrapper was applied to an intricate oil rig geometry.

  • Over the last fifteen years, our consulting services groups have completed thousands of projects for hundreds of clients covering a staggering diversity of applications.

CD-adapco specializes in developing and running analytical simulations which require large models that have complex geometry, complex loadings, and/or complex nonlinear phenomena. Our philosophy is to produce high fidelity computer simulations and to use our engineering experience to verify the validity of the results.

  • Steady state and transient heat transfer analysis with extensive use of CFD to derive the boundary conditions
  • Static stress analysis incorporating all relevant geometric and material non-linearities, such as contact, plasticity, large deformation, friction, and creep.
  • Mode-frequency analysis
  • Vibration and forced response analysis using both implicit and explicit techniques
  • Stress, fatigue, and functionality assessments
  • Damage tolerance studies using fracture mechanics techniques
  • DOE’s and design optimization
  • Multi-discipline root cause failure investigations
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