• Update events
    • “Update events” triggers actions at a particular time and/or iteration
    • Auto-export and auto-save the simulation, update a scene and plot, extract a table, and collect a new monitor sample all based on values recorded by a crank angle monitor
    • Useful in automotive powertrain applications
  • Display manipulation when working with coordinate systems
    • Allows view change while working with coordinate systems
    • Ability to zoom-in/zoom-out when:
      • Selecting points for defining coordinate systems
      • Creating 3 point coordinate systems
  • Eulerian Multiphase:  Convective Courant Number available as a field function
    • Helps the user in choosing an appropriate time-step based on the existing convective velocity field and cell mesh size
    • Previously available only for VOF now available for EMP
  • Extraction of Fourier Coefficients from a Time Domain Simulation for visualization
    • Useful in turbomachinery and flutter applications where aerodynamic damping needs to be extracted

Helps in correlating solutions obtained with the HB method

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