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Cement Flow in an Implant-Crown System
Simulation with STAR-CCM+ using VOF and the overset meshing capability to model the the flow of cement as a crown is seated over a dental implant.
Simulation of a Fan in a Conference Room
Volume rendering showing air flow around a fan in a conference room using STAR-CCM+
Join us for a complimentary workshop in Wilton, UK and see first-hand how Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools can address your design challenges, improve the design process and reduce time to market! Guest Speaker, James Champion from DuPont Teijin Films, will share his workflow and results and present a comparative analysis of the evaluated designs. James will also show successful experimental validation of CFD results.
CD-adapco India's Introduction to DARS
Understanding Gas-Liquid Flows: Eulerian Multiphase Modeling
Gas-liquid flows occur in numerous processing steps within the refining, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Gas injected vessels, fermenters and bubble columns are just some of these examples. Within such flows, the specific details of the interaction between the two phases is important to understand accurately when looking at the proper design of vessels. Moreover, the scale-up of such equipment can be problematic since two-phase flows have a more inherently complex nature than single-phase flows. STAR-CCM+ ® allows for extremely detailed modeling of such flows, describing various gas-...
One of the greatest challenges of engineering analysis is being able to understand how changes in geometry and flow features might influence your system’s performance. For a long time, the only way to gain insight into the sensitivity of engineering objectives to changes in input was to run multiple analyses and then analyze the results. The introduction of the adjoint solver in STAR-CCM+ changes that paradigm, allowing for direct access to sensitivity information from a single simulation. This webinar will provide an introduction to the adjoint solver, the background of the adjoint technique...
With nearly 80% of worldwide energy requirements being met by fossil fuels, combustion remains a key player in both the transportation and energy sectors. Consequently, gas turbine combustors are an integral part of combustion research and development. STAR-CCM+ ® provides an ideal platform for the analysis and design of gas turbine combustors. Whether it is the prediction of gas turbine performance under various operating conditions, the optimization of combustor design for performance efficiency or to minimize emissions, scalable and cost-effective simulations of the complex physics...
Temperature on electronics components and flow streamlines colored by velocity around the components
Boundary Irradiation on a cell phone