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STAR-CCM+の導入をご検討のお客様を対象に、モデリングから 計算実行・結果処理までの一連の流れを実際に操作体験いただけます。
Better Designs Faster with Integrated Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI)
From an aircraft wing flexing in flight, a ship propeller deforming in rough seas, or a tank stressed by sloshing liquid, fluids and structures are in concert all around us in the physical world. And although Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) plays an important role in how structures behave in the real world, within the engineering simulation world these two disciplines are largely still treated independently. However, new FSI technology is finally helping to bridge the gap between fluids and structures in many leading companies. Engineers can now tackle FSI problems using an integrated...
Please join us on October 25 for a workshop that shows how computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and particle modeling with discrete element method (DEM) have been identified as key enabling technologies in finding solutions to the many challenges surrounding scale up.
Better Metal-Temperature Calculations Faster with Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) and CFD
For power generation machinery involving three-dimensional, asymmetric hot fluid flows (such as gas turbines, steam turbines, turbochargers, heat exchangers, boilers, furnaces, etc.), Finite Element Analysis (FEA) will be required to assess whether those machines will be as durable as desired or instead prone to problems from thermal stress and fatigue. But why not use CHT with CFD to provide your FEA engineers with the most accurate metal temperatures possible, as inputs to their thermal stress calculations? This is especially applicable when the fluid temperature in the machinery varies...
This workshop will show how detailed CFD simulation and design exploration can reveal new insights into system performance and enable robust system design, so you, the design engineer, can produce better designs, faster. The tools and techniques that will be discussed apply whether your design work focuses on component, board, or system design.
Pump companies use CFD flow simulations to achieve different goals – for instance, to troubleshoot poor performance of existing pumps , to validate the performance of already-defined designs , or to predictively explore the performance associated with new design concepts . But most pump engineers agree that the ultimate goal is to perform more simulations in order to discover better pump designs, faster as a substitute for slower and more expensive physical prototyping and testing. Moreover, it is possible for CFD simulation to be used to predict pump performance under wide-ranging operating...
STAR-CCM+ is being used to reduce sonic boom and drive the design of the Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet New York and London. September 13, 2016 CD-adapco, a Siemens business, is partnering with Spike Aerospace to develop the Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet, a state-of-the-art aircraft that promises to reduce flying times by half, through the use of its industry-leading computer aided engineering software tool, STAR-CCM+ ® . CD-adapco joins Maya Simulation in partnering with Spike Aerospace as they attempt to make the next generation of supersonic business jets a reality. Recognizing the importance of...
【会议信息】 时间:2016年8月24日下午3:00- 4:00 费用:免费(需事先注册) 语言:中文 注册方法: 希望参加本Webinar的客户,请从本页面的注册窗口进行注册。 【内容介绍】 VSim(Vehicle Simulation)是由CD-adapco公司开发的用于汽车整车外气动(Aerodynamic)、整车热管理(VTM)的程序包。 该程序包用于自动化、流程化整车模拟,从CAD文件,自动执行CFD仿真流程的每一步,直至生成PPT格式的结果报告。 VSim程序包是数年来我们的汽车行业模拟专家的经验积累,以及数年来所编写的每一步模拟流程宏命令的集合, 该程序包能够在用户最少的干预下运行一个完整的汽车模拟流程。 在本次研讨会中主要介绍: VSim功能简介 整车模拟最佳实践 自动化流程设计参数 VSim使用流程 VSim程序包能够自动化、流程化客户在整车外气动、热管理的仿真过程,大大提高客户的模拟效率,标准化工作流程,并且固化、继承客户的先进模拟经验。 【演讲人】 范俊磊, CD-adapco高级技术支持工程师
Please join us for the workshop on September 28, 2016, to hear firsthand about the benchmark results and development efforts for both STAR-CD/es-ice and STAR-CCM+ ® solutions. Specialists will highlight advanced developments and workflow automation, and how they are delivering added value and time savings to ICE customers.